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      Road Management Group (RMS) maintains the Limehouse Link tunnel on behalf of Transport for London and has an office close to Canary Wharf.

      Akita has delivered virtual infrastructure improvements for their London operations, plus IT support and services.

      Working with over 250 companies, Akita has considerable experience in a wide variety of technologies and IT setups. This allows us to advise customers on the right solutions for their business.

      When it came to improving RMS’ IT setup, solutions were engineered from Akita’s knowledge of high-demand, 24/7 IT systems, as well as best practice. For each project we have undertaken, we have presented the management team at RMS with a number of options with reasoning behind each approach.

      One of the main projects has been replacing large servers with virtual infrastructure. This involved consolidating a large, 42 unit server into just a single unit that then powers three virtual servers. Not only is the virtual infrastructure easier to manage, the power savings alone are estimated to be almost £1000 per annum.

      To provide rapid backup and recovery, a second single server was added. This facilitates near real-time replication of virtual servers from one physical host to another. So now should RMS be hit with a catastrophic IT failure, they would have no more than 2 hours of downtime before their IT systems were up and running again.

      Combined with an IT support package, the implementation of other relevant technologies, and a keen understanding of RMS’s requirements, Akita continues to assist RMS to meet their customer commitments 24/7/365.

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