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      Wallace Print

      Infrastructure & Wider IT Support For Print Company

      Wallace Print is a large format printing company. It engaged Akita when its existing partner proved slow to resolve IT issues with Sage and its email system. These issues were quickly resolved when the company moved to Akita’s support.

      Enhanced IT Infrastructure

      The company is very successful in its industry and processes large volumes of work. As such, Wallace Print has worked with Akita to ensure its systems are ready to meet the challenge.

      Improvements have included the design of a new onsite host solution. The company’s existing IT infrastructure had reached end-of-life. Akita replaced this with a modern, high-specification server solution. Around ten times faster than previous equipment, the new server is far more capable of storing and processing the large volumes of design data the company works with.

      At the same time, we worked to develop a more robust and resilient infrastructure setup to meet the growing demands of the business. A cloud backup solution provides additional safeguards and security for the company’s data and operations.

      Scalable Print Management

      Akita has also assisted Wallace Print to deploy Print IQ, a bespoke print management software platform. We undertook the configuration of the platform and tailoring of endpoints and network requirements. This has enabled the smooth operation of the software allowing Wallace Print to operate at a greater scale.

      Day-to-day Akita delivers helpdesk support to the company’s users. Wallace Print operates a mixed-environment setup comprising both Apple and Windows technology. As a Microsoft partner and with Mac Certified Technicians in-house, Akita supports both the company’s Mac and Windows users and makes sure that the two systems work effectively together.

      Cost-efficient IT

      Akita has also assisted Wallace Print in strategically reducing its IT spending. As one example, an audit of the company’s Microsoft 365 licensing identified where changes in the choice of licensing could reduce costs while still supporting users’ requirements. This has helped to reduce monthly licensing spend.

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