IT Support For Print Companies

      IT Support For Print Companies

      Scalable IT solutions for print with support available 24/7

      Effective IT Services That Keep Print Companies Going

      Akita supports print organisations across London and the South East with effective, proactive IT solutions. We know most of our current print partners need support around the clock due to their operations often running through the night. As such, we provide the same level of support no matter the day or the hour.

      Our proactive approach to support means we address issues before they reach you, to reduce downtime and catch problems before they develop. A steady, continuous flow is key to print operations and because of this, we put a strong focus on keeping you operational whatever the circumstances.

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      How Working With Akita Could Strengthen Your Organisation

      Benefits Of Our IT Support For Print Companies

      User Experience

      Our support removes user frustration with IT, we’re here to answer any questions and fix any problems.

      24/7 Support

      Invariable support for your operations day and night.

      IT Performance

      Our support and solutions aim to make your everyday operations easier and keep your staff engaged.


      Outsourcing your IT means you only pay for the exact level of support you need. Feel free to scale up or down at any time.

      IT Expertise

      We have over 50 engineers and consultants; experts in their individual fields and able to tackle any issue.

      IT support for print companies

      Get Backing From A Team Of IT Experts

      Outsourced IT Servies For Print Companies

      Outsourcing your IT support comes with a host of benefits. Our support isn’t a static service, we adapt and mould to your needs to give you the best possible service for the best possible price.

      We obviously provide the basics that you’d expect from an IT support partner such as being on hand to answer how-to queries and providing support when IT issues arise. However, we also focus on providing proactive support to minimise the occurrence of issues, and make it clear to our customers that we have an invested interest in their growth and development.

      Services we provide such as IT consultancy can help organisations find the best solutions to fill their requirements, considering their budgetary and timing restrictions.

      Find out more about our outsourced IT offering:

      IT Support for print companies
      IT Support For Print Companies

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      Around The Clock IT Support For Print Companies

      We know that in the print industry, you’ll likely be operating outside of the traditional 9-5 working hours at least at some point in the week. We offer both 24/7 support, coving you at any time, as well as extended hours support, having you covered between 7 am and 9 pm.

      IT Support for Print Companies

      Our out-of-hours engineers ensure that any issues requiring assistance are dealt with quickly, professionally and efficiently to keep your operations running smoothly.

      Many “24/7 support services” who claim to offer the same quality of service day and night actually outsource to external partners.

      In contrast, we have a selection of our own highly trained engineers who volunteer to be on-call, guaranteeing the service you get at 2 am will be at the same level of quality as the service you’d get at 2 pm.

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      Protect Your Organisation Against Cyber Criminals

      Cyber Security Services For Print Companies

      IT Support for print companies

      Cyber security is a growing concern for organisations in all industries, however, there are certain vulnerabilities that expose certain organisations more than others.

      One of the main dangers that print companies face is cyber attacks on networked printers. Printers can provide easy access points to your systems, and as such, we recommend taking protective measures.

      We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited, and are able to assist organisations with becoming certified for and complying with these regulations and others.

      We also have our own in-house Cyber Essentials experts and assessors. This means we can assist organisations with implementing the measures needed to become accredited, and also run the assessments and pass organisations ourselves.

      Akita’s IT Support For Print Companies

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      ISO 9001
      ISO 27001
      Cyber Essentials Assessor
      Cisco it security company
      sophos partner
      microsoft gold partner
      Crown Commercial Service Supplier
      certified macintosh technician

      IT Support For Print Companies: FAQ

      What Print Software Do You Support?

      Akita has experience in supporting a wide range of software and technologies. As part of our IT support for print companies, we provide day-to-day assistance with print-specific software such as Tharstern MIS, Print IQ and PaperCut, as well as design solutions such as Adobe Creative Suite.

      How Can You Help Us Keep Our Printers Secure?

      Akita offers a range of cyber security solutions designed to protect endpoints from system intrusion (a common issue for the printing industry). We can also provide the necessary consultancy to assess the security of your processes and eliminate any areas prone to risk.

      How Can You Tell If Something Is Wrong With Our Printer Network?

      Included as part of our IT support for print companies, our 24/7 network monitoring solution can be configured to detect signals from a wide range of devices including your printer network. If we do detect anything, we can remotely fix the issue or inform you at your earliest convenience.

      Can You Help Our Print Company To Benefit From Cloud Computing?

      We help organisations of all sizes and profiles move to the cloud. Cloud computing provides many benefits for print companies such as simplifying collaboration with tools for file storage and real-time document editing. We can also look at ways of driving down costs through cloud hosting, reducing the need for expensive onsite hardware.

      Can You Help Develop Our Technology And IT Strategy?

      Yes. Utilising the right technology can often be a route to cost savings. We support print companies in this goal, from network consolidation to cloud migration. We’re also aware that digital transformation is high on the agenda for many in the print industry – we can recommend and develop business applications that make processes faster and more efficient.

      IT support for print companies

      IT Support For Print Companies

      Why Work With Akita For Print Support?

      Akita provides effective IT support for over 250 organisations across London and the South East. We take a proactive approach to support in order to fix issues before they even affect you.

      We support companies in virtually every industry (including their industry-specific software) and deliver solutions for companies ranging in size from 10 to 1,000 users.

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      IT support for print companies
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