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      Akita provides Windows and Mac support for a leading digital marketplace developer.

      Akita delivers Windows and Mac IT support for City Pantry.

      City Pantry is a London-based developer of a B2B digital food marketplace designed to pair corporate clients with local food retailers. Its app and website solutions serve over 700 companies every week.

      The company has been a rising success in the tech sector and has enjoyed rapid growth. Now with around 70 staff, employees that had covered IT support requirements when City Pantry was smaller were now struggling to assist and still perform their primary role.

      Akita was therefore invited to come in to deliver Mac and Windows support. We now deliver onsite IT support for one day a week, with the remaining time covered by our remote IT support helpdesk teams in London and Kent.

      City Pantry’s staff are predominantly Apple users: over 80% of staff use macOS devices for the design and development of their application and website, as well as other creative tasks. We provide support for a mixture of macOS devices including Macbook Pros, Mac Minis and iMacs. We also support the minority of users with their Windows devices, ensuring there’s a consistent level of support for all staff.

      With much of the IT hardware on rolling lease programs, and with regular changes to staff, one of the most common tasks required is the creation and wiping of staff profiles on devices. To assist this, Akita has introduced a new automated process for speeding up the starter/leaver/new device process, along with an asset register to manage devices. This is overseen in tandem with the senior team at City Pantry and run from the customer’s preferred G Suite platform.

      For the protection of company data we have also implemented a two-factor authentication solution that safeguards data through the use of an additional security source.

      Akita’s technical knowledge and IT administration processes have freed up the senior developers that were handling IT support, allowing them to now engage fully on their primary job role.

      Our onsite presence has also helped increase overall IT knowledge for both Mac and PC users, in turn introducing small but scalable productivity gains across the organisation.

      Akita and City Pantry are now working together towards a tighter partnership, from inclusion in City Pantry’s Slack internal communications, to the management of its 3CX VoIP phone and more.

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