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IT Support For Dartford Company

Akita began providing IT support services to Safetell some years ago and, in 2010, migrated their previous physical server environment into a virtual environment.

Safetell is a leading designer, manufacturer, installer and maintenance provider of bespoke security products, based in Dartford, Kent.

Safetell’s platform runs from their own internal virtual cloud, with the cloud running on a Dell / VMware platform using the latest Microsoft server products.

To provide a disaster recovery solution, this cloud is replicated offsite meaning that should Safetell lose access to the main office the company servers are spun up from the remote disaster recovery site.

Safetell’s IT Manager, Andy Norris, was a key advocate of the VMware solution once he became away of the key benefits. With the previous Windows server infrastructure becoming due for upgrade, Akita discussed the various options in depth, highlighting the pros and cons of each and providing budgetary costings.

“Like most companies, we decided to virtualize our servers to reduce server sprawl and get better utilisation of hardware” said Andy Norris of Safetell.

“The ongoing costs of this – in terms of cost reduction, time-saving and energy efficiency gains – made the decision to move to a virtual infrastructure a straightforward one. We were made aware of the part VMware could play in our disaster recovery planning, but I have to say that the effectiveness of this has blown us away and helped define an incredibly robust business continuity strategy.”

As a proactive organisation, Safetell do not rest on their laurels and they are always keen to explore the benefits offered by new technology, including a deployment of Office 365 for a number of users.

For more details on how server virtualization and IT support Dartford companies can rely on, get in touch with Akita to discuss your requirements with our specialists.

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