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      Five Reasons To Work With A Microsoft Partner

      Organisations looking to choose a new IT partner may be overwhelmed by the number of accreditations that many IT companies have on display. But if your organisation relies upon Microsoft products (Outlook, Office 365, Server, Teams etc.) then there’s really only one you need to look out for: Microsoft Gold partner status.

      This is an accreditation that IT organisations really have to work to achieve, so it’s very unlikely that inexperienced IT companies will hold it. So by choosing a certified Microsoft partner as your IT support provider, you’re very likely to enjoy the following benefits:

      Expertise Guaranteed With A Microsoft Partner

      If you’re working with a Microsoft Gold partner, you can be sure that they’re an expert with Microsoft products. Gold partner status is awarded based on both passing Microsoft exams and selling a certain amount of Microsoft product sales. This means anyone carrying this status should have both technical expertise (proven by the exams) and depth experience with Microsoft products (proven by sales).

      While other non-partner organisations may claim to have this experience, isn’t it more sensible to work with a partner accredited by Microsoft themselves?

      Scalable Expertise Across Microsoft Products

      Connected to the point above, working with a Microsoft partner ensures expertise in a breadth of Microsoft products. This is important for when your organisation grows beyond just Office 365 requirements and needs support and guidance on more advanced products such as Azure or Dynamics 365. Many uncertified IT companies will claim to have this expertise but there’s no guarantee: Akita has certainly encountered a few IT companies that (unbeknown to their customers) are clearly out of their depth when it comes to Microsoft solutions and trying to hide it. Choosing a Microsoft partner as your IT company, therefore, means you can build a relationship that lasts

      Cost Savings On Microsoft Licenses

      Working with a Microsoft partner can also have cost benefits. For one, they can save you time by transacting licences or you. Partners like Akita can buy Microsoft licences at the same cost as buying directly from Microsoft. So they can do the work with no additional cost on your part. On top of this, a partner will likely have a better understanding of licensing, so can guide your organisation to possible cost savings (based on the products you need versus the licences you have). Lastly, partners also have access to offers directly from Microsoft that aren’t available to the wider market. These in turn offer further cost savings.

      Latest Updates On Microsoft Products

      Alongside offers, Microsoft partners are also privy to upcoming Microsoft updates and product changes before they’re made public. And they can use that information to your advantage. For example, if they know there’s about to be a reduction on a licence cost, they can suggest you delay your purchase to allow you to access this benefit. Similarly, if they’re aware of an upcoming feature that will enhance – or negate the need for – another IT project you’ve got going on, they’ll advise you of that.

      Premier Support For Microsoft Applications

      What do you do when your support problem is an issue with the Microsoft product itself? Or how do you overcome an integration challenge between applications that Microsoft never foresaw working together? For a partner such as Akita, we go direct to Microsoft!  Microsoft’s Premier Support is a helpdesk that provides fast resolution to issues relating to how Microsoft products work. Typically only available to enterprise-level customers, this service provides advanced support solutions for Microsoft applications. And should you find such an issue, it usually means a fix is critical to the way you work. So you don’t need a bodged workaround. By working with the right Microsoft partner, you’ll always have the advanced support that your organisation needs.

      Akita is a Microsoft Gold partner. To discuss support for Microsoft services with us please get in touch:

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