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      Office 365 vs Microsoft 365 – What’s The Difference?

      Here is everything you need to know about Office 365 vs Microsoft 365 plans, and how Akita can help you choose the best package for your business.

      What is the difference between Office 365 vs Microsoft 365?

      Microsoft’s newly re-branded Microsoft 365 licences feature broadly the same apps and subscriptions as Office 365.

      Through the renaming of licences under the ‘Microsoft 365’ name, the software giant is changing focus from its Office suite to its wider and improved cloud-based services. Solutions such as SharePoint, Exchange, Teams and OneDrive, plus updated and advanced security, are now all included at no extra cost. Yet arguably all are under-used.

      The rebrand therefore makes sense to promote these cloud solutions. Formerly, there were some ‘Office 365’ licences that actually contained more Microsoft cloud services than Office products. Equally, the new Microsoft 365 Business Basic licence now contains no Office 365 products at all.

      Existing Office 365 users need not worry: any existing Office 365 subscriptions automatically become the equivalent Microsoft 365 subscriptions. There are simply more products to discover.

      What Microsoft 365 apps can I use?

      Microsoft 365 features Office 365 applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, additional apps such as Outlook, Teams, Exchange and SharePoint, and cloud-based storage services such as OneNote and OneDrive, depending on your plan.

      microsoft 365 vs office 365 - excel

      Popular Office apps like Excel are included in Microsoft 365 plans


      What Microsoft 365 plans are available?

      Microsoft 365 is available in three plans (Home, Business, and Enterprise). Home is perfect for family and personal use, whereas Business and Enterprise are best for helping businesses run as efficiently as possible.

      What is the difference between each plan?

      Each of the three plans for Microsoft 365 contains a number of packages, such as Basic, Standard or Premium, which are available at varying prices, and include different additional apps and number of licenses available.

      What applications are available in each plan?

      Microsoft 365 Home is available in two packages: Family or Personal. The Personal package includes Microsoft 365 licence, while the Family package is recommended for 2-6 people.

      Microsoft 365 Business is available in Basic, Standard or Premium packages, and includes additional apps such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

      Microsoft 365 Enterprise is also available in three packages: E3, E5 and F3 (formerly F1), and includes additional apps such as Microsoft OneNote.

      Which plan is best for my business?

      Choosing the right Microsoft 365 package and plan for the right price can be hard. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Akita can help organisations choose the right package for their needs.

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