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      What’s The Difference Between Cloud And Hosted Services?

      Let’s take a quick look at what the differences between cloud services and hosted services are, what the terms mean, and how they differ.

      What is a hosted service?

      Hosted solutions are computing services hosted on the internet. The service may be a website, online backup, e-mail, online banking, and so on. Generally, most hosted solutions are hosted on a single server or a group of servers.

      A hosted service provider possesses and oversees software, infrastructure, and administrative tasks in an independent site. The system is accessible to customers via a direct network connection over the Internet, via a remote desktop, VPN connection or similar.

      What are the merits of hosted solutions?

      Hosted solutions encompass a wide range of services, such as; off-site backup, data warehousing, and more. When reflecting about hosted solutions in real life, you may have come across them more frequently than you think.

      Some examples comprise of:

      What is a cloud service?

      Cloud services are a subset of hosted solutions. The processing and data is stored remotely in powerful data centres where a number of different servers work together to form a cloud. If a single server ceases working, it doesn’t influence the cloud as a whole. This considerably assists with managing the servers since you can repair, update, and sustain servers without downtime.

      One of the key advantages of the cloud is interconnectivity and collaboration

      Hosted solutions, even those available by use of the Internet, cannot be depicted as real cloud services as typically the server is still stored on-site.

      At Akita, we have invested in our own cloud infrastructure in two geographically-separated data centres. But we also support organisations that have made other cloud choices such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud.

      What are the merits of cloud services?

      The biggest advantage of cloud services is the expandability of solutions while remaining cost-effective. Additionally, cloud solutions are more likely to be up-to-date in security features, updates and speed than a traditionally hosted solution.

      Examples of cloud hosting services include:

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