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      Five Benefits Of Hosted Desktop

      Hosted setups are growing in popularity with businesses. We outline the benefits of hosted desktop setups.


      One of the primary benefits of hosted desktop services is the ability for employees to access their desktop remotely, in many cases via a range of devices. Emails, files, and other important data are all accessible, without the need to be tied to the office.


      The ability to take advantage of hosted desktop services means businesses can reduce outgoings on expenses like in-house servers and, in many cases, other items of expensive IT hardware. With desktop’s hosted in the cloud, the cost is shared more broadly.


      Cloud computing, and hosted desktops by extension, allow for superior scalability. This allows businesses more agility to grow in a way that suits them. Hosted desktops are flexible in their configuration, and easy to change in line with the growing and changing requirements of a business.


      The flexibility of access and configuration allowed by remote desktops makes them convenient and a bonus for productivity as well.

      The ability to work as and when required means that there’s no delays, no downtime, and no periods where your business has to go dark.

      benefits of hosted desktops


      Cloud servers now generally boast up-times upwards of 99.5%. This means that your business operates on your schedule rather than the schedule of your hosting company. In the unlikely event of unexpected downtime, regular data backups keep you in contact with your essential data.

      More benefits of hosted desktops

      These benefits are simply scratching the surface of what hosted desktops have to offer your business, and the benefits they can provide across every avenue of operation you employ.

      At Akita, we’re specialists in developing and implementing tailored remote desktop solutions for a wide variety of businesses. All of our hosted desktop setups run from our reliable cloud infrastructure, hosted within our two highly secure data centres in Maidstone and Reading.

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