What Is A Hosted Desktop

      What Is A Hosted Desktop?

      In the below blog we answer what is a hosted desktop and when it can be beneficial to your organisation

      The challenge of hybrid working for IT

      Working from home can be frustrating. Issues with different software versions shared access permissions and unstable connections can all cause difficulties for those working remotely, to the point where even accessing emails can become much more of a chore than it really ought to be.  In addition to the above, security is often an issue when staff are working away from the office. Data held on home computers and laptops could be at risk of being compromised or lost if a homeworker’s machine malfunctions.

      The good news is that there is a simple solution at hand: hosted desktop services. When using a hosted desktop, each of the problems mentioned is eliminated. Instead, your team will be able to work efficiently and problem-free in the same way that office-based staff do.

      A unified experience for all your users

      In many respects a hosted desktop, or desktop as a service (DAAS), feels just like sitting in front of a computer in the office.

      With hosted IT solutions, your team will have access to the same files and software they would in the workplace, but with the ability to access them remotely. This is because your computers are kept safely and securely in the cloud.

      The benefits of hosted desktop services

      • Cost savings: Multiple users can access the same operating system from one central server, thereby eliminating service maintenance costs. See more about potential cloud cost savings.
      • Security: Data is stored securely on the cloud, which means it can be accessed even in the event of computer failure.
      • Collaboration: Users working remotely can work on documents collaboratively with others in your organisation – wherever they are working from.
      • Reduced admin: Hosted IT infrastructure means you can make changes and updates to all desktops at the same time, without the need to manually update individual devices.
      • Energy efficiency: Hosted desktop solutions are more efficient, especially during periods of heavy use.

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