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      What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

      Since its launch in August 2021, Windows 365 Cloud PC has already become a hit with business users across the globe. So, what is it and what are the advantages that it offers?

      What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

      Windows 365 Cloud PC is the first official cloud PC service from Microsoft. Cloud PC allows business users to access their Cloud PCs with all their apps, settings and files, from wherever they are and whatever device they’re on. The service is compatible with most modern devices, including those running macOS, iOS and Android.

      Advantages of Windows 365 Cloud PC

      Stream To Any Device

      Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new Microsoft’s new cloud PC service is its ability to stream to any device. As mentioned, the service is accessible across most modern devices, including Android and Apple.

      As long as they have an internet connection, users can stream their apps and documents through their cloud PC, as if they were in the office.

      Adaptable To Your Needs

      The Windows 365 Cloud PC is able to expand with your organisation.

      Microsoft are currently offering Windows 365 on two different software licencing plans; Business and Enterprise. Enterprise users can upgrade RAM, CPU and storage size to meet users’ needs. Power users can therefore be given a more powerful cloud PC and have a smoother user experience.

      A Cloud PC means users can have the same experience whether they’re in the office, commuting, or working remotely from home. As hybrid working is becoming ever more popular, this service allows your organisation to maximise the opportunities hybrid working allows.

      Reliable Security

      Powered by Microsoft’s Zero Trust security model, the security of Windows 365 Cloud PC is solid and inaccessible to intruders. With all your private documents and data stored in the cloud rather than on your device, you can rest assured that all your files are securely protected.

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