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Microsoft Teams Calling

As well as being an internal communication tool, Microsoft Teams can also be configured as a phone system

With a Microsoft Teams calling solution, organisations who have – or are considering adopting – Teams can look to truly transform the way they communicate.

With the addition of a calling solution, Teams can be an effective replacement for PTSN and ISDN telephone systems, making phone calls to external numbers from within the Teams application.
A Teams calling setup offers organisations a more flexible way to communicate and is a cheaper calling solution than many traditional telecoms setups.

Akita offers two solutions depending on your requirements: Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Direct Routing.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a simple additional per-user licence that transforms Microsoft Teams into a calling system.

Once a Busines Voice licence is activated, Teams becomes like a regular desk phone: users get their own phone numbers to make and receive calls. But because Business Voice is a part of Teams, you can turn any PC, Mac, or mobile device into a phone to field your organisation’s calls.

Microsoft teams calling

All the regular features of a phone system are included with Business Voice: voice mail, caller ID, shared phone lines and emergency calls. You can also set up standard and freephone numbers, call menus to help callers get to the right department, audio conferencing to host meetings, and much more.

Business Voice is the simplest way of turning Teams into a phone system and ideal for organisations of 300 people or fewer. There are domestic (1200 minutes per user/month) and domestic/international (600 minutes each per user/month) calling packages available depending on your requirements. And as a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP partner, Akita can both supply and install any Microsoft licences you require for Teams or Business Voice.

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Direct Routing

Supported by one of the leading names in telecoms, Direct Routing offers the same functionality as Business Voice, just with more flexibility available from calling packages.

Other than the technical configuration, the main difference between the offerings is the minutes available: the package offers 2000 landline minutes per user/month for the same cost as Business Voice. If you take a three-year contract with us, this changes to 2000 landline minutes and 2000 mobile minutes per user/month.

Direct Routing also gives you access to SIP Trunk Call Manager – one place to manage phone numbers, call routing, call queues, call reporting and more.

So if your organisation makes a high volume of calls, Direct Routing could be the more cost-effective way of turning Teams into a calling solution.

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Microsot Teams Calling Hardware

As well as configuring Microsoft Teams as a calling solution, Akita can supply any calling hardware you may require.

Whether you plan to use Bluetooth headsets to pair with laptops, mobile phone handsets for answering on the go or you want phone handsets on every desk, our hardware team can quote you for solutions that will fit both your budget and technical specifications.

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