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IT Outsourcing

Many businesses have a distinct choice with regard to the ongoing management of their IT requirements – should they manage with an internal, dedicated IT department, or outsource to a 3rd party IT service provider?

For smaller companies and start ups, the cost of an IT department is generally out of reach. IT outsourcing is the preferred way of keeping systems working whilst you and your staff concentrate on the day to day running of your the business.

IT outsourcing means that as well as IT support, your IT is fully managed by professional team – effectively providing you with a proactive an IT Manager and a helpdesk team on hand whenever you need them.

But IT outsourcing also offers significant benefits for larger companies as well. These include:

Reduce costs and budget more effectively.

Straightaway, outsourcing your IT can significantly reduce your staffing costs. By going a stage further and embracing cloud computing, you can significantly reduce the money spent up front as capital expenditure by paying smaller increments as part of your operating expenditure. Effectively, outsourcing IT allows you to reduce your fixed costs and manage your variable costs far more effectively.

No staffing headaches

By outsourcing, you won’t need dedicated IT staff. Along with salary and training savings, sickness and holiday cover become a thing of the past. Equally, recruitment costs and IT safeguarding become a thing of the past should your IT employee decide to move on. In addition, established service providers such as Akita offer a suite of leading IT services delivered by a multi-disciplined team of experienced engineers.

IT that never sleeps

We offer 24/7 IT support to support you around the clock should you need it.

Increase your competitiveness

Companies with their own IT department spend a lot of time and resources on keeping their systems up to date. Usually that cost has to be passed on to their customers. By outsourcing, you can reduce costs and provide customers with a more competitive offer, attracting more business in the process.

Improve systems

Outsourcing IT puts your system under the care of specialists, letting you  manage your daily operations. With access to professional guidance, your outsourced team can recommend the best solutions and implement them with minimal fuss.


One of the key benefits an IT support provider brings is the flexibility to adjust the services as required. For example, with outsourced support and a cloud computing solution, companies only pay for what they need and the precise number of users they have. There is no need to purchase an expensive server with built-in redundancy for growth which may not occur

Professional Support

With the IT industry evolving so fast, it is increasingly difficult for internal IT teams to remain up to date. By outsourcing to specialists you don’t have to worry about sending staff on endless training. Akita supports hundreds of customers using different systems and applications so we are sure to have the expertise you need. This experience, plus the added benefit of a large multi-disciplined team of IT engineers, ensures an excellent and continually-updated knowledge base for clients to benefit from.

Service Level Agreement

By engaging with a professional IT provider, you will have the added peace of mind of guaranteed service levels. This ensures that the service you need is guaranteed by the provider, with response times to fit in with you business goals.

To see how IT outsourcing has benefited our customers, read our case study:

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