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IT Outsourcing

Many organisations have a distinct choice with regard to the ongoing management of their IT: employ an internal IT department, or outsource IT services to a third party IT partner?

For most, the cost and business benefits of IT outsourcing make it the better option.

Why outsource your IT?

There’s a number of reasons why companies look to outsource their IT support and services.

For SMEs, the cost of an IT department is generally out of reach. IT outsourcing allows for the professional care of your IT and communications systems at a lower cost than hiring a dedicated staff member.

Organisations that do have a dedicated IT employee are limited by that person’s knowledge. Outsourcing gives access to a team with a wider range of experience. It’s for this reason that companies approach Akita for the outsourcing of third-line technical and specialist system support, as well as IT consultancy.


it outsourcing

For large and enterprise-level companies, IT outsourcing supports expansion. Whether it’s to support a growth in employees or the launch of a new office location, outsourcing IT to Akita means organisations can get immediate support that’s scalable to further growth. This is also a cheaper and more time-efficient approach to IT management than hiring additional staff.

Akita’s outsourced IT services

Akita is a leading partner for outsourced IT solutions, working with over 250 companies across the UK. Solutions typically outsourced to us include:

  • 24/7 remote IT support
  • Fully managed IT service
  • Proactive IT support
  • IT network support
  • Third-line/technical IT support
  • VoIP phone support
  • Microsoft Dynamics support

Beyond this list, we can supply and manage a broad range of IT and communication services. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Akita’s outsourced IT solutions offer significant benefits:

Reduced costs

Outsourced IT support can reduce the overall cost of IT support by as much as 40% for an organisation. Access to outsourced IT expertise can also introduce you to other cost-saving solutions: cloud hosting, for example, can reduce upfront server hardware costs and ongoing maintenance costs by several hundred pounds a month.

Improved IT support

Outsourced IT support with Akita means replacing maybe one or two internal staff with an experienced team of more than 20 engineers and consultants. With access to more people, and with more experience between them, your IT issues get resolved faster.

Better service

Engaging a professional IT support provider means you get a guaranteed service level agreement. This means that issues are guaranteed to be fixed within a set time – not just when staff get around to it. Akita also has over 200 five star reviews from its customers, so you can be confident that you’ll get a great service.

Greater flexibility

Akita offers 24/7 IT support, so your IT support is not restrained to staff working hours. This also means Akita can provide support to any satellite offices you may have around the world as well.

No staffing headaches 

With outsourced IT support, sickness and holiday cover become a thing of the past. Akita’s staff are always available the whole year round. We can even provide support on Christmas day should you require it.

Improved systems

Outsourced IT puts your systems under the care of specialists. Akita’s experienced team can recommend the best and most cost-effective business IT solutions, and implement them with minimal fuss. This can increase the efficiency of your whole IT setup.

For an example of how our outsourced IT support works in practice for a London charity, read our case study:

View Case Study

Transition to outsourced IT support

Akita’s transition process ensures that the switch to outsourced IT support is simple. We’ll dedicate time to assessing the current state of your setup and systems, and educate your staff on how to use Akita’s helpdesk.

We’ll also assign you a dedicated Technical Account Manager. This senior IT engineer will meet with you regularly, report on your systems, and help you to plan for the future development of your IT setup in line with your organisation’s business goals.

For a quote on outsourced IT support, or to discuss options, please get in touch.

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