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      New Tool To Assist With Cyber Essentials Accreditation

      Figures suggest that cyber-attacks cost the business world over $1 trillion globally in 2020.

      For UK firms, the Cyber Essentials accreditation is an important way to show that they are trying to mitigate this risk. A new tool is designed to help more organisations achieve this.

      What is Cyber Essentials

      Cyber Essentials is a security accreditation scheme backed by the UK Government. Operated by the National Cyber Security Centre, it helps businesses encourage good working practices for data and wider IT security.

      Cyber Essentials also comes with a framework to use and security advice to safeguard your sensitive data online. To gain the Cyber Essentials accreditation, companies must achieve certification on an annual basis.

      Around 30,000 Cyber Essentials accreditations have been awarded since the launch of the scheme in 2014. But uptake remains low among SMEs.

      The new ‘Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool’ is designed to support companies as they look to gain the Cyber Essentials accreditation, testing organisations on questions related to the criteria needed to complete certification.

      New Cyber Essentials tool

      Developed in association with the NCSC, the new ‘Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool’ will benefit UK organisations preparing to undertake Cyber Essentials accreditation.

      The questions included address many of the key IT security issues that Cyber Essentials addresses (how hardware is used, malware protection, firewalls in use etc.).

      When all the questions have been completed, the tool issues a unique action plan which tells each company what is required to prepare for Cyber Essentials.

      Why is gaining the Cyber Essentials accreditation important?

      Cybercriminals very often employ quite simple methods to attack organisations’ weak spots.

      By using this new tool to help gain Cyber Essentials, organisations can learn how to close gaps in their online defences. By finding out how to do simple things like secure internet connections and control data access, they can avoid becoming a cybercrime victim.

      In addition, gaining the Cyber Essentials accreditation means you can reassure customers and partners that you considered IT and data security and have appropriate measures in place.

      Cyber Essentials is now also a requirement for organisations applying for Government contracts that ask for this accreditation, so obtaining it can also unlock new marketplaces.

      Akita assists organisations with achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation, either through an IT security audit or by assisting them to implement the action plan changes identified by the ‘Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool’.

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