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      Cyber Essentials Certification for Internet Security

      Akita is delighted to announce it has attained Cyber Essentials certification.

      HM Government investigated the need for a preferred organisational standard in cyber security. Following a thorough review which concluded in November 2013, it was evident that the pre-existing Internet Security standards did not meet the necessary requirements, and furthermore that industry was prepared to help the Government implement a new standard. The requirements of this standard have been embedded in the Cyber Essentials scheme.

      Cyber Essentials


      Organisations across all industries can be assessed and certified to demonstrate adherence to the requirements of the Cyber Essentials scheme. This identifies the security measures that an organisation should have in place within their IT systems to ensure confidence that they are addressing cyber security effectively and mitigating the risk from Internet-based threats.

      The scheme focuses on the following five essential mitigation strategies within the context of the 10 Steps to Cyber Security guide.

      • – Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways
      • – Secure Configuration
      • – Access Control
      • Malware Protection
      • – Patch Management

      The Cyber Essentials certification means that Akita can demonstrate that data is appropriately protected. Cyber Essentials certification also demonstrates that threats posed by cyber security are taken incredibly seriously. This is, in turn, passed on to customers, ensuring that their own Internet Security concerns can be fully addressed and their businesses protected.

      We can also assist in obtaining Cyber Essentials certification for your organisation. We will work with your organisation to prepare for the assessment to ensure that you are fully compliant.

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