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      Benefits Of A Microsoft CRM Solution

      Get control of your customer relationships and improve their sales performance. Discover more about Microsoft CRM solution benefits.

      What is a CRM solution?

      CRM stands for customer relationship management. A CRM system is a centralised and smarter way of tracking contact information and rates of engagement.

      If you are struggling to control how your employees communicate with your customers, a CRM solution will enable you to improve how this is done and will ensure that prospect accounts and opportunities are not missed.

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      Benefits of a Microsoft CRM solution

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 can transform how your organisation works. A Microsoft CRM solution can benefit you in the following way:

      • Centralise all communication through one solution which can be accessed by remote and field-based staff.
      • Improve the information you hold on customers in one central database, structured as you require to manage prospecting, quotations, sales, work in progress, invoicing, stock control, etc.
      • Integrates with email and other systems to provide a bird’s-eye view and audit of all communication with prospects, customers, suppliers and competitors.
      • Track telephone contacts, meetings, etc with full diary management to ensure that tasks are completed.
      • Manage sales pipelines more effectively to plan future workloads and take control of potential quiet/busy periods.
      • Improve sales performance through individual reporting and accountability.
      • Track which leads sources are working best for you and address those that are underperforming.
      • Improve the collation of valuable information which may otherwise not be collected – this will increase sales and increase the opportunities your sales team are presented with.

      Our Dynamics 365 services

      Akita develops Microsoft Dynamics 365 through our dedicated digital transformation division – Akita Intelligent Solutions. This specialist team is dedicated to deploying Microsoft CRM solutions in a way that maximizes productivity and working efficiency.

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