introducing akita intelligent solutions

      Introducing Akita Intelligent Solutions

      We’re proud to announce the launch of our new division, Akita Intelligent Solutions.

      Its focus will be on delivering specialist technologies and digital insight solutions designed to streamline business management and drive growth.

      The core services offered will be Microsoft Dynamics, Business Central, SharePoint and Power Platform, with technologies developing further as the division expands.

      akita intelligent solutions

      Akita intelligent solutions

      About Akita Intelligent Solutions

      Akita Intelligent Solutions has emerged as a result of positive market changes.

      As Akita’s customers have enjoyed business growth, they have looked to us for solutions beyond support. With our expertise, we have been happy to oblige and deliver solutions that both improve organisational processes and stimulate growth.

      Having gained proven success in delivering these products and applications, Intelligent Solutions will now meet these needs for organisations both inside and outside of Akita’s existing customer base.

      Supporting Digital Transformation

      At the same time, new developments now allow for custom technology solutions to be delivered at speeds and costs previously unachievable.

      Organisations can now use applications to significantly improve their processes, delivering substantial cost and working efficiencies (in turn raising turnovers), for a low cost of investment. Akita is keen to be able to bring these technologies to all organisations ready to embrace digital transformation and smarter operations.

      “It’s an exciting development and truly reflects how Akita’s services have diversified,” said Charlie James, the technical consultant for Microsoft Dynamics. “ For a long time, Akita has been so much more than just IT support – now Akita Intelligent Solutions is here to specifically deliver business process and growth technologies”.

      Akita works with Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and Power Platform applications for their interactivity and ability to deliver advanced business functionality.

      View Akita Intelligent Solutions’ full range of solutions here.

      To discuss digital transformation, business insight and growth solutions for your organisation please get in touch:

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