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      IT Outsourcing Benefits For Business

      Assuming that your IT function is not central to how you compete within your industry, outsourcing your IT function offers businesses of all sizes a number of key benefits. It can make your business more effective, more profitable and give you a competitive edge.

      IT Outsourcing Benefits

      The most obvious IT outsourcing benefits are typically:

      • Reduce expenditure on information technology overall, and IT staff more specifically
      • Improve the quality of service and IT support service delivery
      • Gain access to specialist and a wider range of expertise
      • Increase flexibility
      • Allow the management team to focus on more strategic issues
      • Improve financial control

      Our outsourced IT services

      Akita supports networks with up to 250 users. In many organisations of this size, there could be 5 or 6 full-time employees supporting such a user base. The typical cost to the business of such a workforce could be well in excess of £250,000 per annum in staff-related costs alone. And depending on requirements, there’s a chance that outside assistance would still be required for specialist software

      When you consider that an equivalent outsourced IT service could be provided for around 35-40% of that cost, it is clear that purely from a financial viewpoint, the cost savings from IT outsourcing benefit your business almost from Day 1.

      Depth of expertise

      Equally, another IT outsourcing benefit is that you gain access to a much broader range of expertise. Why pay for the expertise of 5 people, when for less than half the price you can get the expertise and support of a five-star rated team of over 20 engineers?

      To these IT outsourcing benefits, you can also add improved structure provided by an outsourced IT support solution, guaranteed service delivery, deeper breadth of knowledge and a broad depth of experience from a team supporting many hundreds of networks and thousands of users.

      Outsourcing your IT support and services to Akita, therefore, offers very significant business benefits.

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