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Outsourced IT for London Charity

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Following an in-depth tendering process, Akita were awarded a minimum 3 year contract to overhaul an under-performing IT system.

CAYSH are a London-based charity working from multiple sites and with a head office in Croydon. Akita look after around 90 users within the framework of a full IT outsourcing arrangement. This means that CAYSH benefit not only from our proactive and responsive IT support helpdesk, but we also act as their IT manager/director; always on hand to advise and recommend where improvements can be made.

Akita successfully migrated CAYSH from an under-performing cloud computing solution to our own virtual infrastructure. As a result, system performance and reliability were dramatically improved with all users noticing a significant uplift in speed, the eradication of system wide downtime and far greater reliability from their cloud computing services.

Legacy problems included system wide performance issues, decentralised resource control, insufficient email retention capabilities and poor reliability resulting in an overall lack of user confidence in the computer system.

Akita upgraded their email platform, from an inadequately performing Exchange 2003 server to Exchange 2010 as well as deploying a large Terminal Server upgrade. Users now have access to a farm of remote desktop servers comprised of multiple terminal servers which automatically load balance their connections and workloads.

A breath of fresh air! Thank you. Good to feel confident a problem will be fixed. Everyone is very interested in our problems, professional & courteous— Yvonne Accountancy, Bromley

CAYSH are no longer encumbered by their IT systems. Instead their cloud computing services deliver on the promise to serve as reliable tools which empower staff to achieve their goals backed up by a responsive IT outsourcing partner.

Due to the structure of their organisation, staff frequently move between different locations and require consistent access to databases, files and emails. In response to these requirements, Akita implemented a terminal server farm, migrated to an Exchange 2010 environment and delivered a suitable support package.

These elements combine to facilitate:

  • Secure access to server based resources from any location
  • Consistent email delivery across multiple devices (PC’s, RDP, mobiles) without duplication
  • A high degree of system reliability
  • Restored user confidence in the system

All of this is underpinned by an infrastructure designed to be totally reliable to match CAYSH’s 24 hour operation.

As a charitable organisation, financial constraints have a strong bearing on the ongoing system development at CAYSH. Over the past few years, this has been a recurring theme with the majority of our clients and so Akita are ideally placed to balance the IT support and IT outsourcing needs of the organisation within the budgetary restrictions.