what is microsoft modern workplace

      What is Microsoft Modern Workplace?

      Microsoft Modern Workplace is a digital workspace integrated with the required business tools to support efficient and productive working.

      It’s a unified and complete digital solution for organisations, with all of the applications required to operate and scale in a single platform.

      What is Microsoft Modern Workplace?

      Microsoft Modern Workplace uses the full width of Microsoft’s 365 suite of technologies. Cloud-driven for flexibility and scalability, it consists of the following services:

      In essence, Modern Workplace is all of the solutions required for an organisation to operate in an effective and modern manner, using the best of breed applications and solutions.

      Benefits of Microsoft Modern Workplace

      Discover why an organisation might consider adopting Modern Workplace:


      Microsoft’s full-stack security model ensures that only authorised people can access your environment. Microsoft 365 contains a wide variety of features, such as the Microsoft Defender End-Device Protection (powered by Azure Sentinel Podium) and Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure the security of your tenant.

      User-friendly experience

      Successful business operations benefit from ease of use and access to all the tools needed. With the Microsoft Modern Workplace, users are able to locate all the essentials in one common area. This user-friendly interface ensures the satisfaction of users and therefore improves productivity rates.


      All aspects of Modern Workplace are designed to scale with your growth. Microsoft’s licenses and subscriptions are flexible to meet your organisation’s demand. Microsoft Modern Workplace allows you to pay for only what you need –  whether that’s cloud storage or phone calls. As your organisation grows, you can adjust to different subscriptions to meet your demands.


      Storing information in the cloud allows for easier file access and sharing among devices and team members in different locations. You are also able to switch from different tools (such as instant messaging to file sharing and video calls) with ease.

      Why Adopt Microsoft Modern Workplace?

      With the changing times and constantly evolving technology, employees are expected to work and deliver from anywhere (whether remote or hybrid working).

      Microsoft Modern Workplace is designed to make flexible working both achievable and easy to facilitate so that employees can work safely from any location and on any device.

      With all the essential tools integrated into one place, important files and information are securely stored in the cloud while being easily accessible at all times by authorised personnel.

      As many SME organisations already utilise 365 applications, Modern Workplace offers them a familiar, integrated and effective way to meet their operational requirements both now and as they grow.

      As a Microsoft Gold partner, Akita can support organisations in their adoption and ongoing use of Modern Workplace.

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