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      What Is Hybrid IT?

      Technology constantly evolves and provides organisations with new ways to expand and develop their services. Cloud solutions have become incredibly useful and commonplace, but not all companies choose to adopt a completely cloud-based solution for their services. So, what is Hybrid IT?

      Hybrid IT Explained

      Bringing on-site and cloud-based services together has proven to be popular among businesses looking to move to a cloud-based solution. Hybrid IT offers a range of features that can be used temporarily while businesses fully switch to their cloud, or more permanently – offering the best of both worlds.

      Generally speaking, Hybrid IT may require some on-site staff as well as aspects of a service managed in a cloud environment. How this is set up will depend on the needs of a business, and can prove to be quite flexible.

      Why Is Hybrid IT Used?

      Hybrid IT can be employed for a number of reasons, such as:

      • Technical requirements that are already in place
      • Additional security and redundancy
      • Quick retrieval and access of data
      • To implement services that are unavailable off-site i.e. offline solutions

      Why Is It Beneficial To Blend On-Premises And Cloud IT

      Bespoke implementations

      Using hybrid IT empowers IT departments to get the most out of their system in terms of resource management without the need to perform intensive updates and maintenance. Cloud services (such as Akita’s, AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud) can partially carry this burden. As a result, IT teams can spend their time streamlining, optimising and upgrading other aspects of the system.

      Going with a hybrid implementation allows for legacy support for older applications or solutions that cannot be migrated to the cloud. For example, data backups can be optimised with a flexible hybrid IT model.

      Cost-effective solutions

      Opting for hybrid IT allows for a tailored payment model that can prove to be incredibly cost-effective. As cloud services are scalable with your organisation, you only spend what you need to. Moreover, there is a lot of cost-saving to be found from easily incorporating legacy systems.

      Hybrid IT is a useful solution that can improve workflow without the need to compromise with legacy systems or security. It is no surprise that this model has grown incredibly popular with organisations of all shapes and sizes.

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