What Is A Hybrid Cloud?

      What Is A Hybrid Cloud?

      Cloud technology is becoming extremely common throughout organisations everywhere and may be something you’re already using. “The cloud” is often thought of as a sole solution, however, there’s multiple different types of cloud set-ups, and to answer the question, “what is a hybrid cloud?” we first need to understand public and private cloud setups.

      What Is A Public Cloud?

      Public cloud solutions or platforms are open to members of the general public who subscribe to certain provider services.  The public cloud offers services that can change and evolve to meet current needs and new technologies, giving users a fully automated portal environment. A public cloud platform often includes many different services and tools and can support a range of third-party systems. It can be deployed in any location and is a cost-effective and scalable option.

      What Is A Private Cloud?

      private cloud platform provides a higher level of oversight and control for a provider, which means organisations can have tighter governance and compliance surrounding the location of critical data. A private cloud is capable of handling a much heavier workload and is a great way to increase security.

      What Is A Hybrid Cloud?

      What Is A Hybrid Cloud?

      A hybrid cloud solution combines both public and private cloud features, as well as including on-premises technologies and services. It allows organisations to be more resilient against threats whilst not fully changing their set-up, using only the most relevant features of each solution on an individual basis. So, what is a hybrid cloud? It’s a cloud setup that allows organisations to scale up and down as needed with little disruption to day-to-day operations.

      Who Is The Hybrid Cloud For?

      The hybrid cloud approach works well for organisations that need aspects from both public and private cloud setups. Many organisations are already using a hybrid solution without realising – and by asking “what is a hybrid cloud?” and assessing if you do use it, simple ways to optimise and unlock new potential become available.

      While a hybrid cloud may not be the correct choice for every organisation, it is an increasingly well-used solution for many and may be the perfect solution for you.

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