Network Security Audit

      What Are The Benefits Of A Network Security Audit?

      Organisations have become increasingly dependent on digital technologies and the internet in order to operate effectively. Whilst this has advanced the way they work in a range of ways, it also exposes them to cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, social engineering and more.  To combat this, it’s important to perform regular network security audits to assess the overall security of your organisation’s networks. In this article, we explain the benefits of a network security audit and why it’s such an important process for modern businesses.

      What Is A Network Security Audit?

      It’s a process that inspects and analyses the IT operations of a company to look for possible threats, vulnerabilities or weaknesses. The audit explores all areas of the network, as well as devices used to log into the network, and its overall management.

      Network security audits are often designed around the network and how it functions, and generally incorporate a review of all network infrastructure and systems accessed via the internet.

      It will review current security measures and how outside systems interact with the network. It’s good practice to also address any existing security protocols to ensure they work as intended.

      Why Are They Important?

      For any business that uses networks and digital communications solutions, it’s important to ensure system security to reduce the risk of downtime. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, recently at an accelerated rate, due to technology advancing and becoming more complex.

      And in response, cyber security measures have also advanced, and processes such as auditing your network’s security have become necessary.

      benefits of a network security audit

      How Do You Get One?

      There are multiple ways to engage a network security audit, the first and most effective being to use a cyber security specialist to perform an independent audit and assessment.

      There are software tools available to audit your network, however, they will be far less in-depth and offer a much lighter review of your network’s security.

      A security audit from a cyber security professional will give you a better idea of how your network operates, and provide a clear report of the security measures needed. The audit will identify any areas that need improvement and uncover any bugs or holes in security that need patching.

      Benefits Of A Network Security Audit For Keeping Your Organisation Secure

      Performing a regular network security audit ensures that your company’s digital infrastructure is up-to-date and protected from cyber threats.

      Due to cyber threats increasing in both volume and complexity, a network security audit is a worthwhile investment to keep your company, data and network secure.

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