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      Time For An IT Support Review?

      Given that many organisations currently now have time on their hands, now is the perfect time for an IT support review to achieve improved services and (often) reduced costs.

      Outsourced IT

      The majority of small and medium-sized businesses use an IT service provider for some or all areas of IT delivery.

      This may be IT outsourcing in its purest sense, an ongoing IT support contract, or managed services that are not delivered by an in-house team.

      The benefits of such arrangements are pretty obvious; reputable and established IT service providers have extensive and varied experiences, some will have a team of dedicated IT engineers whilst others (like Akita) will invest in their staff and undertake regular research and development to keep clients abreast of the latest technologies.

      Like all industries, however, there are good IT companies and, shall we say, less good ones. The challenges the end-user faces is to ensure that the service they receive remains of the highest quality and that the IT service provider does not become complacent.

      Getting the best from your IT provider

      Quite simply, a well-run IT company with solid procedures and good-quality staff should continue to serve you well for many years (Akita’s typical customer relationship is currently five years and rising).

      Systems and processes should be robust, ensuring that consistent support is delivered at all times. And services should be scalable, with the IT company responding to the growth of its customers.

      review your IT

      Akita’s responsive IT support in action

      Communication is critical in business relationships and having regular reviews or catch-up calls is invaluable both for the client to provide feedback to the service provider and also for the service provider to advise of where improvements can be made and where user training opportunities exist.

      Having regular, open and honest dialogue can nip any potential challenges in the bud and drastically improves working relationships. So this is the approach we embrace.

      Proactive support approach

      The majority of Akita’s customers benefit from proactive IT support and regular visits from our engineers. This allows more proactive support regular opportunities for housekeeping tasks to be completed, a regular review of your IT and systems, and a closer relationship between our engineers and our customers.

      Few other IT companies take this approach, focusing instead on trying to deliver responsive support as issues arise.

      That is all well and good  (and we are incredibly reactive when needs be). But prevention is better – and often cheaper – than cure. Our proactive approach to IT support improves system reliability and minimises downtime. This not only keeps our customers happy but also saves them money in lost productivity. We’ll be happy to indicate how it can benefit your organisation as part of an IT support review.

      Review your IT support

      Firstly, what is it exactly that you are doubting? Is it the ability to service your requirements, have you outgrown them, do you question their experience and advice, are their prices too high?

      For those of you in that boat, this is the time to have an informal discussion with the team at Akita. In complete confidence, we can discuss your requirements and advise of how we would suggest you are supported moving forward. If you like our approach, we can put you in touch with some of our customers similar to yourselves, so you can get an impartial opinion on how Akita perform.

      The important message in all of this is not to settle for second best. Your data and IT systems are generally critically important company assets. You have to be sure that your ongoing support is in the safest possible hands.

      Akita is a leading IT support and managed service provider. Working with over 250 organisations across London and the South East, we offer scalable solutions that take the stress out of IT for their businesses. We’ll be happy to review your IT support, or even provide you with a Quick Quote upfront.

      To have Akita review your IT support obligation-free, please get in touch:

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