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Software Hosting For Developers

Alongside hosting applications for businesses, Akita hosts software for developers and software companies.

Software Hosting For Developers

For software developers looking to add cloud functionality to their products, Akita offers a secure and reliable environment from which to host their software.

Setting up cloud infrastructure for your software is complex and expensive. Many companies simply don’t have the capital to do it, or the manpower to maintain the setup.

So if want to host your software or application in the cloud, but don’t want to either take on the financial risk or additional customer service commitment, let Akita do the hard work for you.

Hosting software with Akita

Akita makes it easy for software developers to take their solutions into the cloud.

We already run a substantial cloud network for our supported IT customers. Rather than reselling space in third-party servers, Akita’s cloud runs from our own infrastructure, hosted in two geographically-separate, ISO 9001 and 27001 compliant datacentres.

Our cloud infrastructure is completely reliable. We use highly-resilient and scalable datacentre-grade hardware in our setup, and monitor performance 24/7 to ensure that our cloud environment runs optimally. And should a question or issue arise relating to our cloud setup, our IT helpdesk is on hand to tackle it.

Marketing hosted software 

When you choose Akita as your hosted software partner, you can choose to involve us as much or as little as you choose.

We can act as a white label partner for your solution, allowing you to handle all customer communications. You only pay for space taken by your customers.

Alternatively, we can assist you with the positioning and sale of your solution as a cloud-hosted solution and be partly involved in the sales process.

To discuss the hosting of your software in Akita’ cloud environment, please get in touch.

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