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Office 365 Backup

Fully safeguard your Microsoft Office 365 environment - and your business - with our Office 365 and SharePoint 365 backup solution.

Companies using the Office 365 suite of application often assume that Microsoft is backing up their data for them. This is not the case.

While Microsoft’s cloud environment is fully secured and protected against data loss (from failed drives, power outages and so on), this does not extend to inboxes or files that are deleted by Office 365 users themselves.

When an inbox is shut down or an account deleted, Microsoft stops storing that data. So should you need an email or document from an ex-staff member whose account has been closed, you wouldn’t be able to recover the data from Microsoft – it’s effectively gone forever.

Office 365 Backup

Our Office 365 Backup solution, powered by Veeam Backup, allows for the potentially indefinite backup of Office 365 data (subject to agreement). This means that all your company’s email can be stored and protected.

Data is kept safe in Akita’s secure and reliable cloud setup, powered by our two datacentres. Should you need to recall Office 365 data, it can be accessed on either a per file basis, or a wholescale restoration of an account or inbox.

Our Office 365 Backup solution benefits organisations in the following ways:

  • Offers a safeguard against accidental deletion of files or emails
  • Negates external security threats by rolling inboxes back to time before a threat/infection
  • Safeguards against internal threats or malicious deletion by staff
  • Provides a safeguard in case legal action hinges on emails or data

OneDrive & SharePoint 365 Backup

Just like Office 365, Microsoft doesn’t back up OneDrive or Sharepoint 365 beyond protecting the failure of their own systems. Thankfully, our Veeam Backup solution can also be used for these up too.

As many organisations utilise either OneDrive or SharePoint 365 as their intranet solution, it’s particularly important that safeguards are in place. All your staff likely accessing your intranet. So there’s a high chance that an important file could get accidentally deleted with no hope of retrieval. Equally, edits could be made to a document by one member of staff that are detrimental to another member of staff.

With our solution, individual files, folders or entire sections can be retrieved from backup.

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