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Prescheduled General Maintenance

46% of IT downtime is caused by hardware failure, while a further 40% is caused software malfunction or failure. Through Prescheduled General Maintenance, Akita provides proactive support that can tackle hardware and software issues before they happen.

Prescheduled General Maintenance is a core part of our IT managed service offering. It is time dedicated to the technical review of an organisation’s IT systems to determine what improvements can be made to enhance both the day-to-day functionality of that setup and meet a company’s development and growth aims.  The benefits can be further enhanced by consultancy and account management services whereby roadmaps are designed and aligned to the requirements of your business.

How Prescheduled General Maintenance works

Prescheduled General Maintenance is proactive IT support time set aside for the routine management, development and implementation of IT systems in line with an organisation’s long term strategic plans.  The attending engineer will, however, discuss any specific needs you may have, which may be of a more time sensitive nature, and a decision will be taken regarding how to manage the overall list of tasks most effectively.  There will be occasions where the important predetermined list of engineering tasks gets usurped by more pressing needs.

Akita assigns a Technical Account Manager (TAM) for each of our managed support customers to oversee their IT setup and get to know it inside out. Their role is to become very familiar with every aspect of the business and this is achieved by talking to owners, directors and department heads.  This provides a clear understanding of how information flows through the business, how each department interacts with it and what the business, as a whole, aims to achieve.

Based on their knowledge, the TAM will evaluate different strategies and formulate a road map to ensure that the IT systems and services are properly equipped to achieve the objectives senior management has set.  The roadmap will encompass everything from when routine updates are required, the precise timings for scheduled visits, either by themselves or another engineer possessing the exact skills required to achieve a specific task as well as providing continuity for the, often underrated, maintenance tasks which are necessary to keep the wheels turning in every organisation.

Prescheduled General Maintenance

Prescheduled General Maintenance also provides time to monitor and identify whether outdated systems or hardware pose a threat to the smooth running of an organisation’s IT. When an issue is detected with hardware or software, TAMs will contact the organisation to address issues, and ensure they are enacted before those potential issues become problems; again underscoring the value of maintenance tasks.

Prescheduled General Maintenance can also be used to look for smarter ways for organisations to manage their data. In conjunction with the TAM, information flow, data ownership and data security can be evaluated.  Over time it is likely that even the best data structures become less stringent.  Periodic review helps to reinforce the data access security policies of the business and assists in making certain that they stay on top of legislation such as GDPR.

Benefits of Prescheduled General Maintenance

Akita promotes Prescheduled General Maintenance as part of managed IT services or any IT support solution. It carries the following benefits for organisations:

  • Reduce downtime – Prescheduled General Maintenance identifies issues before they occur, increasing system and hardware uptime. It keeps the wheels in motion and ensures all systems remain fully functional at all times.
  • Minimise business disruption – Changes and updates to the IT systems are planned and efficiently managed to ensure minimal operational disruption.
  • Manage GDPR requirements – Prescheduled General Maintenance time can be used to assess and manage your organisation’s data and security, creating safeguards against data loss or theft. On-going data access reviews ensure adherence to security policies and ensure that any changes to staff or the nature of the data being stored is accommodated accordingly.
  • Promote smarter buying – By spotting potential issues before they occur, we give organisations time to consider various alternative IT solutions that fit their long-term plans, rather than having to make a quick decision when an item fails.
  • Save money – From preventing business disruption to helping organisations make better buying choices, organisations can generate savings by taking a proactive approach to their IT.

For more information about Prescheduled General Maintenance as part of a proactive IT support model, please get in touch.

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