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24/7 IT Support

If your business needs responsive around-the-clock IT support, you have come to the right place!

Akita provides an unrivalled 24/7 IT support service that can look after the needs of a number of global clients as well as smaller organisations with extended operational hours. By partnering with Akita, you can be assured that any IT-related issues requiring immediate attention are dealt with quickly and effectively by our team of on-call engineers.

Round the clock expertise

Our out-of-hours engineers ensure that any issues requiring assistance are dealt with quickly and efficiently, keeping your staff working and your business operational around the clock.

At Akita we appreciate that maintaining system up-time and continuity of IT services is critical in the smooth running of your organisation.  To ensure this is the case, our professional and friendly team are on hand to provide a speedy resolution when needed.

So with Akita, you’ll be able to get the same great service at 1am as 1pm.

Extended hours support

While we offer a 24/7  IT support service, many organisations simply require extended support hours to tackle with early or late working.

If your operating hours are 7:30am until 7pm, Akita can provide cost-effective IT support outside of normal office hours. This ensures that your employees can get the help they need, when they need it.

24/7 IT support – Say ‘no’ to call centres

Some IT companies will use external call centre agencies to handle their out-of-hours and 24/7 IT support.

Such centres often have limited technical expertise, and often need to rely on online tutorials to address your problems. If things get too technical the issue has to be abandoned, prolonging your IT problem.

At Akita, we feel that if you’re paying for IT expertise then you should get it. That’s why our 24/7 IT support is only provided by our own trained engineers. They’ll know or have details of your IT systems to hand, so will be able to fix your problems quicker.

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