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VoIP Phones & Telephone Systems

Akita is a leading provider of business VoIP solutions across London and the South East.

Our VoIP telephones and systems offer advanced, future-proof communication solutions at a significantly lower cost to traditional phone systems.

We cover all aspects of VoIP telephone systems, including connectivity, SIP trunks, installation, hardware, training and ongoing support.

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What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP – is the term for the technology that sends telephone and video calls over the Internet, as opposed to traditional phone lines.

Akita uses market-leading software from 3CX to offer advanced VoIP setups and systems, delivered as on-site or hosted VoIP solutions.

Our VoIP systems are professional, flexible and scalable, serving organisations of 5 or 500 users equally well. And our VoIP systems provide both telephone and video conference functionality as standard.

Benefits Of VoIP Telephones

  • Cost savings – Save up to 80% against the cost of traditional phone systems
  • Future proof – Get ahead of the switch-off of ISDN and PSTN phone lines that will render traditional phone systems obsolete
  • Flexible – Answer calls to your phone number from any device and on-the-go
  • Advanced – Benefit from a wide range of features including call queues and recording, routing options and CRM integration
  • Easy installation & management – Once installed by our engineers, 3CX VoIP is simple to run. Adding new phones and system expansion is also easy

Akita’s 3CX VoIP Telephones & Services

As a 3CX Gold Partner, we’re experienced in commissioning VoIP systems for organisations of all sizes. These full-featured phone systems include full mobile functionality,  built-in video calls, web conferencing, messaging and more.

3CX VoIP calls can be made and received from a computer, mobile device or traditional handset. And with settings allowing you to answer a call to your number from any devices wherever you are. So it’s the ideal solutions for organisations on the go or working remotely.

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Hosted from the cloud or from an organisation’s premises, it also fits practically all business IT setups with ease. And 3CX can even be integrated with your CRM system.

Our VoIP services include:

  • Installation (including any required data cabling)
  • SIP trunk provision
  • VoIP telephone hardware (leasing and purchase)
  • VoIP video call and conferencing hardware
  • Hosted VoIP
  • 3CX licensing
  • Setup and management
  • Ongoing support

If you’re looking for a VoIP system, we’ll be happy to show you the benefits of 3CX and quote for your requirements.

To discuss pricing for a VoIP phone system, or to arrange a demonstration, please get in touch:

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