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VoIP Phones & Telephone Systems

Akita is a leading provider of business VoIP solutions across London and the South East.

Our VoIP telephones and systems offer advanced, future-proof communication solutions at a significantly lower cost to traditional phone systems.

We cover all aspects of VoIP telephone systems, including connectivity, SIP trunks, installation, hardware, training and ongoing support.

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What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP – is the term for the technology that sends telephone and video calls over the Internet, as opposed to traditional phone lines.

Akita uses market-leading software from 3CX to offer advanced VoIP setups and systems, delivered as on-site or hosted VoIP solutions.

Our VoIP systems are professional, flexible and scalable, serving organisations of 5 or 500 users equally well. And our VoIP systems provide both telephone and video conference functionality as standard.

Benefits Of VoIP Telephones

VoIP telephones provide a huge range of benefits compared to traditional business telecoms:

Cost Savings

By removing fixed telephone lines and replacing them with cheaper SIP trunks, and significantly reducing call costs (compared to traditional telecoms), companies moving to VoIP telephones can expect to save as much as 40% over their existing telecoms solution.

While companies may be concerned about the outlay for replacing phone hardware, they needn’t be. Our VoIP phone software can allow you to access your telephone system and make calls from your PC with a headset or via your mobile phone with the 3CX app. This can effectively remove the need for a desk phone altogether.

Should your organisation still want desk phones however, Akita can supply phone hardware at a range of price points. Alternatively, we can agree on a leasing option to help spread the initial cost of switching to a VoIP telephone system.

Future Proof Telephony

In 2025, BT will turn off all ISDN and PTSN phone lines. This planned change to technology will make traditional phone systems obsolete. All companies will, therefore, need to have transitioned to VoIP or other phone solutions by this time.

If your phone system is nearly at capacity now, you’ll want to act quickly. In preparation for a 2025 shut off, BT will stop selling new lines in 2020. This will make the expansion of existing phone systems impossible. Companies will be stuck with their current phone capacity.

Migrating to VoIP telephones now will, therefore, make your phone setup future proof.

Flexibility & Functionality

With the ability to access your VoIP telephone system from a desk phone, your PC or your mobile phone or device, you need never miss a call again.

Easy routing means you can take calls when out-of-the-office that appear as if you’re there. This makes our VoIP solution perfect for external working.

If there are times when you are unavailable, users have access to advanced voicemail functionality, with the option for messages to be automatically emailed to them. Alternatively, calls to your phone can be routed to any other phone on your system with ease.

For logging and tracking calls, 3CX VoIP software automatically keeps a record of all calls made, received and missed. Our VoIP phone systems can also be set up with a call recording functionality. In line with relevant GDPR and data protection laws, calls can be saved as audio files and accessed for training or reference purposes.

Our 3CX system can also be integrated with Microsoft Outlook 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or other major CRM systems to have call details logged in your chosen platform.

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Finally, 3CX’s VoIP software also supports video calling and conferencing as standard, giving your business additional communication options at no extra cost. Akita can also supply and install advanced video conferencing hardware for use in boardrooms and meeting rooms as required.

Easy Installation & Management

Our 3CX VoIP phone systems run from Microsoft Windows, so can be easily managed by any competent IT administrators with minimal training. New users can be added with ease, and Akita can remotely install 3CX software on any PC or Mac that needs it.

The 3CX app is quick to set up on mobile devices. Organisations looking to install the app across a large number of business mobile phones can do so using Akita’s Mobile Device Management solution.

Our VoIP telephone systems are also set to work with popular IP phones, VoIP gateways and SIP trunks out-of-the-box, so there’s no need to configure devices.

Should you need assistance adding new desk phones to your system, Akita can set them up at our office and courier them to you. Once received, just plug in an Internet cable and you’re ready to go.

By doing this, you can also give your regional offices or remote workers access to your central phone system. You’ll then get free-of-charge calls to these phones and any others on your network.

3CX VoIP Telephones & Services

Akita is a 3CX Platinum partner, experienced in commissioning VoIP systems for organisations of all sizes.

voip telephones 3cx platinum partner

We provide an end-to-end solution for VoIP telephones and video systems. We can provide any or all of the following:

  • Installation (including any required data cabling)
  • SIP trunk provision
  • VoIP telephone hardware (leasing and purchase)
  • VoIP video call and conferencing hardware
  • Hosted VoIP
  • 3CX licenses
  • Setup and management
  • Ongoing VoIP support

To discuss pricing for a VoIP system, or to arrange a demonstration, please get in touch.

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