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Virtual Servers

Maximise the use of your IT infrastructure with a virtual server setup.

Our virtual server solutions can improve the overall performance of your IT infrastructure.

What are virtual servers?

A virtual server solution is one where a server’s resources are split to run multiple separate virtual environments.

Virtualisation allows you to run multiple operating systems and applications from a single processing resource. The result is a more efficient use of available hardware and lower overall infrastructure costs.

An example of a virtual server environment might see three virtual environments running from one shared server resource.

Rather than these environments being loaded directly on the server, they are instead run from a hypervisor that’s installed on the server. The hypervisor then runs the separate operating systems of the three virtual environments, balancing the processing requirements of each environment against the available resource.

virtual servers

Virtual server infrastructure provides far greater flexibility in terms of use of processing, while load balancing ensures high availability across all virtual environments.



Virtual servers require less hardware than traditional setups. Therefore hardware and maintenance costs are lower.

Virtualisation also results in lower exposure to hardware failures and future expansion is significantly more cost-effective.


You can run as many virtual environments as your hardware will allow. If you need to expand the capacity of one virtual environment, you can do so using the hypervisor. Simply shut down the virtual environment, assign more memory or processing power from the shared resource pool, and restart. That virtual environment will then have the extra capacity.


Because virtual environments are loaded to a hypervisor, rather than a server, they are independent of hardware. This means that, if required, an environment can be moved to an alternative server in minutes. The virtual environment can then be restored quickly.


Virtual environments are ideal for testing purposes as you can safely run test software in effective isolation. For example, if you wished to test a new accounting package, you could simply create a new virtual server and invite a select group of users to test it.


If your office or premises are rendered out of action, your virtual environment is fully portable and can quickly be set up in a data centre or other solution. Backups of the virtual images will mean that your systems are available within an hour or two, allowing your business to remain functional.

Akita can help you develop a virtual server setup from your existing IT infrastructure. Then, if desired, we can even host this from our cloud environment, removing the need for in-house server hardware.

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