it infrastructure services

IT Infrastructure Services

A professional partner for IT infrastructure maintenance, projects and ongoing support.

IT Infrastructure is at the heart of every organisation. Akita operates a dedicated and highly qualified team to deliver our IT infrastructure services and support our customers’ platforms. Whether operating physical, cloud or hybrid setup, our experts can provide IT infrastructure design, management and support that goes above and beyond.

it infrastructure maintenance
IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Management

We’re the trusted partner to leading UK organisations and institutions for IT infrastructure management.
Akita manages physical, cloud-based and hybrid IT infrastructure setups for our customers, strategizing development and expansion in line with best-practice and the highest security standards.

We can deliver advanced cloud private infrastructure solutions from our own datacentre presences, leveraging the power of virtualization and hosting to deliver flexible, value-added setups. We also perform IT infrastructure management for setups in enterprise cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS.

Our infrastructure management approach is holistic, addressing capacity monitoring, data storage, network utilisation, asset lifecycles, software patching, wired and wireless networking and more. And with increasing demand for more sustainability in their setups, we can advise organisations on IT infrastructure configurations that reduce energy use and are more friendly to the environment.

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IT Infrastructure Projects

Alongside ongoing IT infrastructure management and strategy for our customers,  Akita also undertakes IT infrastructure projects, consultancy and deployments for wider organisations as well.

With our in-house expertise and supplier network, Akita can plan, source and configure deployments to meet an organisation’s current objectives and future growth plans. We cater for all budgets using vendors such as Netgear and Cisco SMB for smaller projects, through to Cisco Enterprise and Data Center solutions for operations at scale.

Infrastructure projects are often the start point of a great IT partnership with organisations. But they don’t have to be. Whatever you require, our team can fulfil your infrastructure project requirements.

it infrastructure support
IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Support

Support of IT infrastructure is an integral part of our wider support offering.

An IT infrastructure monitoring service can be included as part of our proactive IT support, delivering 24/7 alerting on the state of your infrastructure and network. Should we detect tell-tale signs of potential issues, we’ll address them before they become problems.

Our Proactive General Maintenance days will also cover all required security patching and updating, keeping your systems protected and running on the most up to date software.

Meanwhile, some organisations keep us on retainer for advanced technical support, leveraging Akita for third-line network support.

it infrastructure services
IT Infrastructure Services

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