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Hosted Applications

Akita’s hosted applications allow you to benefit from updated software without the prohibitive initial costs and inconvenience of upgrading hardware.

Hosted applications, also referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS), offer a range of benefits and improvements over the traditional approach of licensing. For many organisations, having software which can be accessed on demand has huge benefits – not least the fact that unnecessary licenses no longer need to be purchased (and tied to specific computers).

When you choose Akita to provide a hosted server, we physically collect the data from your servers and transfer it to the virtual environment housed within our local datacentres. This ensures a fast, personal and fully secure service which is extremely rare in the industry.

Akita offer a fully managed and completely hassle-free approach to cloud computing which means that applications can be delivered in a virtual environment. When you store your data and applications in Akita’s datacentres, you can completely forget about the hassle of having your own hardware and software to worry about – and backups become a thing of the past.

When Akita host your applications and data, they are deployed through the cloud to give your users 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. Of course, this is provided through a superfast connection which is 100% secure and extremely reliable.

Flexibility with Hosted Applications

Business applications of all types can be deployed into the Akita cloud, whether these are third party or bespoke applications.

Hosted applications also offer tremendous flexibility – e.g. new employees can easily be added to the system within minutes and at minimal cost. Likewise, any departures can be quickly and securely removed, often with the ongoing monthly costs reducing as well.

Lower Costs

A major factor in hosted application is the lower cost. Traditional software – and the associated hardware needed to run it – are expensive and must be paid for upon installation. Within a hosted environment, there is no capital outlay at all and instead a small monthly fee will be paid (which in itself has tax advantages).

Smarter Working

Hosted applications hels to simplify the management of your IT. Having applications held on a cloud server means you only need to worry about running one instance of software, rather than multiple local versions. This means you can be sure everyone in the office is working off of the same version of the application. It also means that when it comes to updating applications you only need to do this once on your hosted version, rather than multiple times across various PCs.

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