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Cyber Essentials

As one of the leading threats to business, organisations need to prove that they take IT security seriously.

The Cyber Essentials certification scheme is a UK business standard for demonstrating awareness of cybersecurity measures and practices. Akita can help organisations to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation and improve their overall IT security in the process – discover more below:

What is Cyber Essentials?

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a series of checks and technical controls designed to help protect organisations from cyber attack. Designed by the UK Government and industry, the scheme offers a standard of proof that businesses have the right IT security systems and processes in place.

Undertaking Cyber Essentials helps organisations prepare and defend against the most common Internet-based threats to cybersecurity. The main threats covered  by the scheme are:

  • Hacking — The exploitation of known vulnerabilities in Internet-connected devices.
  • Phishing — Defrauding users into installing malicious applications or handing over important information.
  • Password attacks — Manual or automated attempts to gain unauthorised access to online accounts or business data.

Why should organisations get certified?

The Cyber Essentials certification scheme requires organisation-wide engagement with IT security principles. It raises awareness of threats among staff, making them less likely to become a victim of cybercrime tactics.

The scheme is recognised across the UK as an IT security standard and benchmark. Organisations that get certified can reassure their customers that data will be safe. Having the certification can also help attract new customers as it demonstrates a commitment to IT and data security.

Certification is also now a requirement for organisations competing for some national and local government contracts. There’s also a rise in companies requesting it of their suppliers and data handlers.

How we can assist

Akita has held Cyber Essentials accreditation since 2017. We can now assist other organisations through the process.

To complete the scheme, organisations need to apply to one of the approved accreditation bodies to undertake Cyber Essentials. Once registered, there is a technical assessment to complete that checks that the organisation is compliant with the standards expected.

Akita can assist companies to complete this, providing consultancy on how to meet requirements and assisting with improvements in IT setup to make organisations compliant.

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For our customers, we can help answer most of the questions based on our knowledge of your setup. We can also provide IT security training sessions, helping staff to understand how to stay safe online and when using email.

To discuss how Akita can assist with Cyber Essentials certification scheme, please get in touch.

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