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      How to protecting your business from broadband outages

      Over the past decade, Openreach has been much criticised for poor levels of customer service, unresponsiveness, as well as a sometimes unreliable network. As Openreach also runs the wires for the UK’s telecoms network (including other broadband suppliers such as Sky and Talk Talk), customers of such providers are likely to be affected in the event of Openreach network issues.

      What is clear is that many customers have been very exposed to having a single broadband provider, particularly since the rise of Cloud Computing and the increased reliance on resilient internet connectivity.

      So what can you do to minimise the possible impact of internet outages, such as that suffered by BT and Virgin recently?

      Where possible and realistic, we recommend that our clients explore the options of a backup internet connection. Of course, this should ideally be by a different provider to ensure that a supplier-specific network outage does not mean that your business is completely cut off from the outside world.

      By having a second internet connection, the internet activity can be load balanced over the two lines with an automatic switch-over in the event of a network issue.

      To discuss making your business more resilient and less exposed to internet outages, contact us on 01732 762675 or email and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you.

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