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      Is Your Business Broadband Speed Holding You Back?

      Connectivity speed is a current point of contention in the UK. Despite a commitment from broadband providers to increase download and upload speeds and Government to increase the reach of connectivity, the picture across the UK is still decidedly uneven. However, improvements have been made in recent years and more options are becoming open. Despite this, we still find that many of our IT support customers are still utilising poor broadband connections. So is your business broadband speed placing restraints on your operations?

      Benefits Of Faster Business Broadband Speed

      Having a better business broadband speed is not just about searching the internet faster.

      With more organisations wanting to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and remote connectivity for home and mobile workers, a slow connection is often the main thing holding them back. Access to these technologies can increase efficiency, remote collaboration and working productivity.

      The right internet connection can also help you save money. VoIP phone systems use the internet to make calls, and are 40% cheaper than regular phone systems. But your business broadband speed has to be good enough – we’ve known companies invest in VoIP phone systems only to discover their broadband can’t handle the calls.

      How can I tell what my broadband speed is?

      There are a number of online speed tests for internet speed, but the link here tends to be quite accurate. It’s worth performing several tests throughout the day, mixing quiet and peak times of use. Take look at the results and compare this to what your service provider should be offering – if those figures don’t match up then it’s time to ask some questions.

      Equally, if you’re outside of your original contract period, it’s time to go to market. Prices have fallen significantly for fast business broadband, so comparing the market could improve performance AND save you money

      Business connectivity with Akita

      If your line still doesn’t meet your requirements, why not investigate our connectivity solutions. Akita works with leading connectivity providers to source the best offers for business broadband. We can help you to balance cost and performance, ensuring you get the mix that’s most important for you business. We can then manage the installation and configuration of the line – taking the stress out of the process for you.

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