launch of microsoft defender for business

      Microsoft Launches Microsoft Defender For Business

      Microsoft is launching a new security solution for small to medium-sized organisations. The tool, Microsoft Defender for Business, is at the commercial release stage for Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscribers.

      Key features of Microsoft Defender for Business

      Microsoft Defender for Business is an antimalware solution for devices across several operating systems – including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Microsoft Defender for Business is available for both new and existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscribers.

      There are a range of features, including enterprise-level security:

      • Automated investigation feature
      • Attack surface reduction
      • Anti-spam and antimalware protection
      • Anti-virus for Windows 10 and following editions
      • Centralised management and reporting
      • Endpoint detection & response – an ‘endpoint security system’
      • Email protection
      • Vulnerability and threat management

      The benefits of Defender for Business

      According to Microsoft, there has been a 300% increase in ransomware attacks within the last year, with over 50% hitting small to medium-sized businesses. That said, Defender for Business seeks to achieve the early detection and prevention of cyberattacks in SMBs.

      Benefits of Microsoft Defender for Business include:

      • Minimised risk of cyber attacks
      • Protection from business interruption caused by cybercrime and hacking
      • Suspicious activity is flagged automatically, catching potential cybercrime before it manifests
      • It’s easy to use with simplified configuration
      • It’s cost-effective, according to Microsoft
      • Gives business owners peace of mind that their systems are protected from cybercriminals
      • The vast majority of client devices can be protected by the software

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