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      10 Benefits Of Microsoft 365 Security

      The Microsoft 365 security offering is well developed and formidable considering that it’s included with many standard Microsoft licences.

      So what is available to your organisation? We cover ten features that could benefit your IT security:

      Multi-factor authentication – It’s a staple of our personal accounts, so bring it into the office. This extra security step will prevent compromised passwords from letting criminals into your networks. Using phones to authenticate log in is also fast and simple.

      Train your staff – It’s estimated 60% of security breaches are caused by human error, so educating your users is an important way to keep networks secure. There’s plenty of training material offered to accompany the Microsoft 365 security services and Akita can provide additional support and training as needed.

      Admin accounts – Administrative data is a valuable target for hackers. Using extra-secure, dedicated admin accounts only when necessary will lower the risk of breaches. To have these configured for Exchange, SharePoint or your wider Microsoft 365 please get in touch.

      Block e-mail malware – Outlook’s security settings allow you to block certain attachments and file types that are common sources of malware.

      Block ransomware – Outlook allows you to use mail flow rules to block potential ransomware files, and warn employees before they open risky messages.

      Prevent auto-forwarding – Auto-forwarding is one way hackers can easily exfiltrate your internal e-mail. Once again, mail flow rules can help you prevent auto-forwarding to external domains.

      Encrypt messages – Another Microsoft 365 security feature is Office Message Encryption. Use this to keep your internal and external emails secure. This encryption is compatible with other e-mail services like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.

      Microsoft security 365

      Microsoft 365 Security.

      Protect against phishing – you can use Microsoft Defender to deter phishing attacks. With the Security and Compliance centre, it’s simple to set up security policies to prevent phishing emails from impersonating users. While Microsoft Defender definitely doesn’t compare with a standalone security solution, it’s better than no protection at all.

      Block malicious attachments – Microsoft Defender will also allow you to automatically block emails associated with malware, and quarantine emails with dangerous attachments.

      Prevent phishing with Safe Links – Attachments aren’t the only way phishing e-mails attempt to attack your company. Guard against malicious website links with Safe Links. Safe Links will scan links in real-time when you click them, verifying their safety.

      All of these Microsoft 365 security features are part of the Business Premium package. And using just a few of them will help you realise the full security potential of a Microsoft 365 environment.

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