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      Mail Filtering Protects Against Over 3,000 Viruses a Week

      With as much as 50% of email traffic understood to be spam or fraudulent, organisations are both wasting time and exposing themselves to risk by not regulating what comes into staff inboxes. This is where Akita’s mail filtering service can come to the rescue from a productivity and security standpoint.

      Mail filtering

      To give you an idea of how hard our mail filtering servers have to work, on a weekly basis we handle over 750,000 emails!

      Of these, typically over half of these are cleansed by our real-time block list. This ensures that emails sent from compromised accounts and email servers do not end up overwhelming our clients’ inboxes.

      More Than Just Spam

      A further 180,000 emails a week are sent to invalid recipients and these are also removed by our mail filtering service to ensure that our clients are protected from as many rogue emails are possible.

      Only one in five of the emails we handle – around 30,000 a day – are clean and genuine messages, whilst around 8,000 emails are day are pure spam.

      The number of viruses continues to increase and, on average, our mail filtering detects and quarantines around 550 viruses every day –  over 3,800 each week!

      Productivity boost

      Organisations should also consider the boost that removing spam from their inboxes can bring. The average worker spends 28% of their day reading and replying to emails. While taking out half of their junk mail won’t cut this time in half, even a 10% reduction in time spent across your organisation represents a huge boost in productivity. And other tricks can improve this further.

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