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      Increasing Cyber Security Awareness In Your Organisation

      Technical measures such as regular backups, encryption, and anti-virus software are all invaluable ways to protect your organisation from a cyberattack. However, did you know that the NCSC found that 90 percent of data breaches in the UK were a result of human error? Taking steps to increase cyber security awareness in your organisation is therefore a critical part of your defences.

      Start Cyber Security As You Mean To Go On

      When a new employee starts work, begin their cyber security awareness instruction from day one. As part of their induction and onboarding, this training will ensure they understand the importance of security within the company.

      Ensure Ongoing Cyber Security Awareness Training

      With intelligent phishing software testing, you can imitate the latest threats aimed at your employees, from social engineering tactics to scams. Using simulated attacks, based on the real-world tactics used by cybercriminals, these tests can help identify gaps in knowledge and drill employees in how to identify attacks and how to act, including:

      Your team should have a clear line of reporting for when they spot a threat, and never be made to feel uncomfortable about raising an alert.

      Attackers are constantly updating their strategies and tactics, so employees knowledge must be kept current with continuous training if it is to remain effective.

      Create A Cyber Security Awareness Culture

      To create a cyber security culture, your policies and practices must become an intrinsic part of your organisation. Appointing advocates in each department, who act as extensions of your Chief Information Officer or IT team, can ensure that all areas are covered and training and knowledge is kept up to date.

      Finally, it is important that this training covers frontline staff, all the way to the Managing Director. Management is often a favoured target of cybercriminals due to their access to confidential data and credentials.

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