Microsoft Security Assessment

      Microsoft Security Assessment Demonstrates How Secure You Are

      The Microsoft Security Assessment is designed to emphasise the importance of cyber security and user process safeguards within business IT security.

      Process security assessment

      While cybercrime can rely on complex malware and viruses to succeed, increasingly it’s the naivety of users that are being targeted.

      A weak password, or one obtained through deception, can be enough to give cybercriminals access to key company information. Alternatively, a compromised email account can be used to make fraudulent payment instructions that look genuine. It can be months before the truth is discovered, by which time a business might have lost tens of thousands of pounds.

      The Microsoft Security Assessment is designed to get businesses thinking more about potential gaps in their IT security and processes. It achieves this by asking questions many businesses might not have asked themselves. This includes whether a business requires staff to use a unique, separate password for each system and account they access. At the end of the Microsoft Security Assessment, a report is generated with recommended improvements.

      The Microsoft Security Assessment is free and can be taken here. Should businesses need assistance with IT security improvements following the assessment, please contact us to discuss our range of services and solutions.

      Device security

      Alongside IT security processes, businesses should also consider what devices have access to their systems. While businesses often secure laptops and PCs with solutions such as bit locker and two-factor authentication, they can neglect to secure mobile devices.

      Mobile devices often have the same access to emails and systems as laptops. However, devices may not even be password protected. This makes them an easy target for cyber criminals.

      Akita’s Mobile Device Management solution can enforce passwords on devices. If it’s a user’s personal device, it can also secure business files and applications in a separate part of a mobile device to personal files or emails. Business data can then be deleted remotely should a device be lost or stolen.

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