google duplex

      Google Duplex And The Importance Of Personal Service

      A recent video has shown the latest developments in Google’s voice assistant technology. Not only can your voice assistant help you find a service (in this instance a hairdresser), soon with Google Duplex it will be able to make the phone call on your behalf to book an appointment as well.

      Though potentially useful, the development is a little unsettling.

      Firstly, it marks a mainstream step towards machines passing the Turing test (a test for artificial intelligence).

      Secondly, it establishes a potential trend for depersonalised customer services. It’s not a huge step to imagine companies turning this software around to have it deal with customer service requests in the place of a person.

      When it comes to IT support, Akita believes in the value of a personal service. We think that’s why we’ve had over 200 five star reviews from our customers. And while we embrace new technology as it arises, we can assure you that you won’t be explaining your IT issues to a robot anytime soon!

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