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      Choosing A Reliable IT Support Company In London

      IT support is an essential requirement of most businesses. For organisations in the City, finding an outsourced IT support company in London is more cost-effective than in-house resources. But with an array of IT support companies available – with many promoting similar credentials – finding the right one can be a daunting and confusing task. Below, we discuss four key factors to consider when selecting an effective London IT support company for your organisation.

      1. Consider Their Response And Resolution Speed

      When it comes to IT support, time is of the essence. Downtime can be incredibly costly for your business and result in lost productivity. Therefore choosing an IT support company in London that’s responsive and efficient when dealing with support requests is paramount.

      Assess the responsiveness of potential IT support companies by asking them what their average response times are and how they prioritise different support requests. Check also if their service carries an SLA response time to ensure a fast response.

      Additionally, customer reviews or testimonials mentioning the company’s speed and efficiency when dealing with IT issues can be one of the most reliable tools.

      2. Is There Proactive IT Support?

      Having a solid IT helpdesk is important. But a good IT support company in London will not just offer a responsive service. In addition to fixing problems as they arise, your prospective IT partner should be able to demonstrate a proactive IT support methodology: how they take preventative steps to stop them from occurring in the first place. This might include 24/7 monitoring, regular updates and patching, security checks, and overall performance optimisation to keep your systems running smoothly and avoid downtime.

      Ask a potential IT support company in London about the proactive measures they take to prevent issues from occurring. This can help to avoid future issues and ensure your systems are up-to-date and fully secure.

      IT Support Company In London

      3. Is Your Prospective IT Support Company Partner Capable Of Addressing Security Needs

      Cyber security is a critical aspect of any and all IT infrastructure setups. A data breach can be detrimental to your business, both legally and financially by putting your customers’ sensitive information at risk. Therefore, it’s important to choose an IT support company that takes data security seriously and has robust protective measures in place.

      Unfortunately, if your IT partner has weak knowledge of cyber security you may not know about it until it’s too late. Ask a potential IT support company in London about their approach to data security, including how they secure their systems, how they handle data backups, and what measures they take to prevent data breaches. But also look for signs of third-party assessment – at minimum your company should hold Cyber Essentials or Plus and relevant security ISO accreditations. In an ideal world, they’re a Cyber Essentials assessor themselves.

      4. Find Out The Details Of Their Certifications And Experiences

      Alongside their security credentials, you should also consider their wider certifications and experience in the industry in order to fully understand their credibility.

      Look for companies that have relevant certifications to your setup, such as Microsoft Certified Partners, Mac technician credentials, ISO accreditations or CompTIA certifications. These indicate that a company holds a high level of expertise and can provide reliable support.

      You should also see if they’re partners to relevant suppliers that might be relied on, such as software and hardware providers.

      Choosing The Best IT Support Company In London For Your Organisation

      Choosing a suitable IT support company in London requires careful consideration of several factors, including responsiveness, whether they are proactive in their support, their data security measures, certifications, and experience. By keeping these factors in mind and asking the right questions, you can select an IT support company that meets your business needs and helps you achieve your goals.

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