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      Five Benefits Of Managed IT Services

      Akita is a leading provider of managed IT services for organisations across London and the South East. Discover the benefits that our managed solutions bring to our 250+ customers.


      Outsourcing managed IT services provide organisations access to a wider range of solutions and a greater level of expertise.

      While an individual IT member of staff may be an expert in one or two solutions, a managed service provider will be proficient in many more options. Akita’s team of engineers and consultants, for example, allow us to deliver over 40 different managed IT services.

      Broad expertise also means you get the right solutions for your organisation, not just the solution that’s most familiar. As an example, Akita provides a variety of antivirus solutions. We provide these to customers based on the profile of their businesses as well as based on factors such as the risk profile of their industry. We, therefore, ensure customers get an appropriate level of protection based on the potential risk to them and their systems.


      As a managed IT services provider, Akita wants to build relationships that last. We do that by focusing on solutions that provide longevity. For example, a one-off data cabling project may give you a setup that works for now. But will that be the case if your business expands and needs new connection ports? Is it flexible for growth and new technologies you may take on?

      Akita’s managed IT services approach means we are thinking long-term for you, using our expertise to predict the technologies you may need in the future and providing services that can grow with your requirements.

      Reduced costs

      The cost-savings of managed IT services are twofold.

      Firstly, the right services make organisations more efficient and cost-effective. Whether it’s a VoIP telecoms solution that eliminates traditional phone line costs, or a SharePoint solution that can automate expense claims and reduce the time spent by your accounts team, the right solution will save you money.

      managed it services

      Akita has a team of over 30 engineers and consultants

      Managed IT services also save on the cost of permanent staff. To have an in-house expert for all of the various systems that an organisation uses would require a team of expensive professionals. And often there would not be much for them to do.

      Akita’s services are often significantly cheaper than even one full-time member of IT staff. We are also guaranteed to be available as and when you need them, maximising value for your organisation.


      IT security should be of utmost importance to any business. SME organisations that experience total data loss, on average, go out of business within a year.

      Having a managed service provider means you have an expert watching your corner, monitoring your systems and ensuring you have the right protection in place.

      And this can apply to both your IT security technology and your internal processes. The majority of data breaches and losses come as a result of human error. A managed service provider has the expertise and impartial perspective to know the policies to implement within your organisation to reduce risk and keep your data secure.


      Perhaps the biggest benefit of managed IT services is what it gives back to you in terms of time and peace of mind.

      There are few organisations who aren’t reliant on their IT in some way. When IT does choose to stop working, it’s often at the least convenient time and guaranteed to be costly in terms of lost time.

      Having managed IT services not only reduces this potential downtime but ensures that not just someone but a team of people are available to fix issues quickly if they do occur.

      Safe in this knowledge, managers can focus on running their organisations – rather than having to keep a spare eye on their IT.

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