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      Benefits Of A Microsoft Teams Phone System

      Recent years have forced many organisations into facing a new normal – intermittent lockdowns and work from home orders meant businesses had to adapt, finding new ways of staying efficient and productive while their employees operated remotely.

      Cloud-based VoIP phone systems soon proved themselves to be an invaluable tool, allowing businesses and employees to use the equivalent of full-featured, on-premises phone systems from anywhere. However, some VoIP phone systems are not well integrated with the other cloud technologies and applications commonly used for professional workflows.

      Microsoft Teams Phone System

      Microsoft went some way to helping to solve this problem when it introduced VoIP to the ubiquitous Teams application. This update gave remote employees on-site levels of internal communications support, while also delivering a reliable calling experience for external clients and customers. A cloud-based phone service but with the full features of on-site systems, Microsoft Teams allows companies to streamline all their communication activities, keeping them in one place.

      Here are four key benefits of using a Microsoft Teams phone system:

      Integrated Apps & Seamless Workflow

      Because VoIP is fully integrated within Microsoft Teams, employees don’t have to waste time and focus on constantly changing between different work apps. For example, you can open apps like Word and Excel without even leaving the voice calling interface. It’s also easier for employees to collaborate and work as a team – a one-on-one call can seamlessly become a group call, or quickly shift from a voice call to a video call.

      Full-Feature Phone System, Onsite & Remote

      With Microsoft Teams, companies can get enterprise-class features that in many cases exceed those available with landline phone systems. Employees, both onsite and remote, have full access to a business line through multiple devices.

      Lower Costs & Reduced Overheads

      VoIP phone systems are cheaper than landline alternatives and can help businesses find significant cost savings when it comes to monthly bills and system maintenance. A Microsoft Teams phone system can go further by replacing the need for hardware as well, making calls either from your PC or a mobile phone.

      Data Security With End-to-End Encryption

      A Teams telephony is protected in accordance with the highest industry standards. All Teams data – messages, calling, meetings, files – are encrypted both in transit and at rest.

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