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      5 Reasons Not To Go With Major Mobile Networks

      The mobile network world used to be monopolised by a handful of big providers who could offer more than everyone else. But with changes in how network infrastructure is run and how handsets are sourced, there’s plenty of reasons why you should consider another partner for your phones:

      There’s little connectivity benefit to being with a big supplier anymore

      Once upon a time, the big mobile providers had connectivity all wrapped up. Moving from network to network would often see significant changes in signal and connectivity, and different parts of the UK preferred a network based on this.

      Now this simply isn’t the case. Many of the networks have partnered together to improve their infrastructure and the reach of their service.

      What’s more, these companies are also letting other providers use their networks as well. This means you can get big brand connectivity without the need to work with a big brand.

      It’s not about handsets either…

      It also used to be the case that you had to go to a big player to access the latest handsets. But that’s not true now either.

      The major mobile phone manufacturers are so intent on competing with each other that they really can’t afford to be exclusive as to who they sell their latest model to.

      In addition, a supplier focused on mobile phones for business (as opposed to perhaps the most fashionable latest handsets) is able to buy suitable phones in bulk, introducing savings on these models.

      Less than 500 users? You won’t get special attention

      No comment on their customer service, but let’s look at the scale of the big players. The UK’s largest mobile provider has over 19.5 million users. Unless you’re a 500+ person organisation you’re not likely to get significantly preferential rates or improved customer service. You’ll just be part of a crowd…and a big crowd at that.

      Customer service

      Actually, let’s talk customer service for a moment. Let’s consider, last time you had a problem, how long it took to resolve with your mobile provider? Or how many times you’ve heard from them outside of price rises or contract renewal costs?

      Some people will accept less than brilliant customer service if they feel that they are getting value for money. So this is our final point…

      The best deals for your business don’t necessarily come from the big brands

      When you want to buy something cheaply, do you go to your local high street or do you go online? The state of most UK high streets indicates that it’s the Internet that’s winning that battle.

      A big brand company carrying the cost of high street stores and associated staff, on top of their back office, are logically not likely to be able to offer as good value for money as those just operating an office. And considering most businesses won’t go to a shop to buy business mobile phones, what are you paying for there?

      The volume of sales of the major networks mean they need to limit the amount of tariff options they can provide for simplicity. As packages aren’t necessarily the best fit for customers, profits are maximised either through data and calls paid for but not used, or through penalty charges through users going over contract limits.

      A boutique provider can be more flexible in this regard, working with the customer to get better value from their contract by getting closer to what they actually need.

      Introducing business mobile phones from Akita

      It makes a great deal of sense for businesses to try a provider outside of the big brands.

      Akita offers business mobile phone and SIM-only solutions that are backed by a powerful connectivity network and our great customer service.  We can also source all the latest handsets for you, as well as cheaper solutions that will work effectively and save your business money in handset costs.

      Discover more about Akita’s business mobile phone offering or get in touch for a quote for your business.

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