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      Akita Selected For G-Cloud 13 Framework

      Akita is pleased to announce that it has been accepted onto the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 framework, placing us as trusted suppliers to local and national Governments and the wider public sector in the UK.   

      What is G-Cloud 13?

      The G-Cloud 13 is a framework of trusted suppliers for the provision of cloud hosting, software services and associated support, to the UK central government departments and all other public sector bodies. 

      Managed by the Crown Commercial Service – the largest public procurement body in the UK – the G-Cloud framework is designed to reduce the procurement process for public sector organisations by giving them a list of pre-vetted suppliers for cloud and software services. 

      To provide services to G-Cloud, companies must prove that they comply with regulations, business standards and high levels of security. Akita’s acceptance on to the framework stands as testament to the high standard of our solutions.  

      Commenting on the announcement, Sion Harrington, Director of Sales said “Akita’s inclusion within G-Cloud 13 is very pleasing. Delivering high-quality services is one of the company’s core values, so it’s great to have our solutions recognised in this way”  

      What Is A Crown Commercial Services Provider?

      Being designated as a Crown Commercial Services (CCS) provider for IT services in the United Kingdom is a prestigious label that carries both significant responsibility and opportunity. Crown Commercial Services is a public procurement body that operates as a trading fund under the sponsorship of the Cabinet Office.

      Its main objective is to provide cost-efficient and quality public services by leveraging the government’s purchasing power to negotiate advantageous contracts with vendors. Thus, when a firm is listed as a CCS provider for IT services, it gains the ability to bid on contracts that are high in both volume and value, essentially becoming an approved supplier to the UK government and other public sector organisations.

      About The Solutions Submitted

      Akita and Akita Intelligent Solutions have been accepted to G-Cloud 13 for the following services:  

      Cloud Hosted Services

      Akita has operated hosting services from our private cloud environment for over a decade. Scalable and cross-replicated across two geographically separate data centres, it’s both highly secure and reliable for a wide variety of cloud hosting purposes.   

      PRTG Network Monitoring

      Akita operates a dedicated infrastructure team that monitors organisations’ IT infrastructure 24/7/365. Our PRTG solution is a highly-customisable monitoring solution that can alert users to common and bespoke signals from IT infrastructure and devices, allowing IT managers to stay ahead of potential issues. 

      Microsoft CRM – QuickStart Dynamics 365 Packages

      Akita offers a fast and professional implementation of Microsoft’s leading CRM applications. Our QuickStart packages – covering Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service – provide organisations with a packaged solution deployment including all the necessary consultancy and training to get up and running. 

      Microsoft ERP – QuickStart Business Central Package

      Coupled with Dynamics 365, we also offer packaged Microsoft ERP solutions. Our QuickStart BC packages promise stress-free delivery of a new finance solution. Our solutions help make organisations more efficient thanks to automation, accurate cashflow predictions, instant reporting and wider streamlining of business functions 

      How Has Akita Become A Crown Commercial Services Provider?

      Earning this designation requires undergoing a rigorous selection process that scrutinises Akita’s financial stability, compliance with regulations, and capability to deliver high-quality services. The criteria are stringent, but they serve to uphold the standards that public institutions expect.

      Additionally, CCS providers are required to meet specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and maintain service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure that the quality of service is consistent and meets the government’s needs.

      Being a provider is not merely about enjoying the benefits; it comes with its own set of challenges. The government’s focus on achieving value for money means providers must consistently deliver high-quality services while also being cost-effective. Furthermore, the public sector’s needs can be complex and multi-faceted, demanding a high level of expertise and flexibility from providers.

      Data security is another critical concern, especially considering the sensitive nature of information that government bodies handle. Compliance with the latest cyber-security standards is imperative to maintain the integrity of public services.

      In summary, being a Crown Commercial Services provider for IT services is a distinguished status for Akita, but it comes with a set of stringent requirements and expectations. Achieving this designation is an endorsement of our capability and integrity, placing it in an advantageous position to serve the public sector.

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