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      Akita Gains ISO 27001 Status

      About ISO 27001

      ISO is a universally recognised information security standard. It demonstrates that Akita has systems and procedures in place for the management and security of data and confidential information. This is reflected not only in IT systems (which already had a high level of security), but staff processes and business procedures as well.

      In practicality, Akita has been working to these standards in our day-to-day activities for some time. Being awarded the standard, however, represents an important milestone in the company’s development.

      The next step in Akita’s growth

      Recognition of our ISO 27001 status is a key part of the company’s road map towards serving an even more diverse customer base.

      Akita’s early years of operations helped establish our capabilities and commitment to customer service with South East-based SMEs.

      In more recent years, we’ve welcomed a growing number of large and enterprise-level companies into our IT solutions customer base.

      Our ISO 27001 recognition cements what our customers already know: Akita has the IT services, expertise, scale and security to effectively and professionally serve customers of practically every size and industry, meeting their specific needs head on.

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