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      Announcing The Akita Customer Portal

      Akita is pleased to announce the launch of our new Customer Portal.

      Developed in Power Apps Portals and based on customer feedback, Akita’s portal is designed to empower our customers with more control over their accounts. This includes the ability to log tickets, check account details and much more.

      Customer Portal Features

      The Customer Portal has been designed to allow our customers a greater ability to self-service. This includes allowing users to log their support requests and see key account details.

      By visiting the Cases page and clicking ‘Create’, Portal users can add details of new support requests for our helpdesk to resolve. Users can then keep track of their own existing support requests (whether logged via the Portal or another means) from the Cases page to see how requests are progressing.

      Our helpdesk team uses TeamViewer software to gain remote access to users’ devices and resolve issues. Should it be requested by our engineers, we’ve added handy links so users can download the software for Windows or Mac devices on the Remote Access page.

      The Service Status page shows how key Akita and third-party services are currently performing and whether any issues have been identified. This can help organisations determine whether there is a localised issue that requires a support ticket or if the issue is a wider service problem.

      Portal users can also see an overview of services held with Akita by visiting the Account page. This includes details of supported hours and information on who within their organisation can approve administration and security changes. So should a user need changes to access rights, they’ll know who to copy into their initial request to get authorisation as quickly as possible.

      We can also provide senior figures within an organisation with greater access to account information within the Portal. This includes an overview of all support tickets logged by their organisation’s staff, and billing details including invoices and outstanding payments.

      Overall, we believe the features in the Customer Portal will enhance the service we’re able to provide to our customers and simplify the delivery of support.

      How to get access to the customer portal

      Access to the Akita Customer Portal is available to all supported customers free of charge.

      Organisations wishing to enrol in the Customer Portal can contact support@akita.co.uk and request to be setup. We’ll then be in touch to confirm administration rights and provide all users with login details. Portal users can then begin logging support requests through the Customer Portal.

      It’s important to note that the Portal is an additional way for organisations to be able to make support requests. It does not replace other methods.

      We’ve been able to develop the Customer Portal with ease thanks to the features and integration capabilities of Power Apps Portals. If you can see the value of a similar solution for your organisation, we’ll be happy to provide you with more information and a demonstration of capabilities.

      To discuss Power Apps Portals with us, please get in touch. 

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