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      Akita In Data centre Services Expansion

      The site in Reading will be used to further improve our data centre services, deliver more cloud solutions and provide our customers with added security and enhanced failover. It also provides us with a focal point for IT support for Reading and Berkshire.

      As well as delivering cloud solutions to a number of existing and new clients, the Reading data centre will provide disaster recovery and redundancy. In tandem with our Maidstone datacentre, we can also provide customers with full business continuity through data replication across the two geographically separate centres.

      Benefits of cloud services

      The uptake of cloud services across the UK has increased dramatically as organisations have woken up to the possibilities and benefits. These include:

      • Cost savings – reduced spend on hardware and power for inhouse servers
      • Flexibility – Increased access to networks based in the cloud
      • Ease of management – Hosted desktops and emails make managing resources and security far easier across an entire organisation

      Get in touch with us to discuss more about the benefits of cloud solutions and how our data centre services may benefit your organisation.

      Akita’s data centre services

      Akita has been providing cloud services to businesses since 2009 and now has hundreds of companies benefiting from our cost-effective services, including:

      For more information about our data centre services:

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