Inside the Datacentre

      Inside The Datacentre

      Akita have a significant presence in our Kent-based datacentre from which we provide our cloud solutions. As you may know, these include hosted email, offsite backup, hosted servers and full cloud computing for our clients.

      The Kent datacentre has tremendous physical and electronic security systems in place. Very few people are likely to ever set foot in such a building. For the curious amongst you, the following images will give you an insight into the inner sanctum!

      Datacentre in KentDatacentre in MaidstoneAkita Datacentre image

      So, there are a few snapshots of life inside the datacentre which is based in the middle of Kent. There has been significant investment to ensure our cloud computing solutions are of the very highest quality and security. We have hundreds of cloud computing customers to support. The infrastructure underpinning our hosted services has to be of the very highest quality to ensure total reliability.

      EDIT: In the time since this blog was posted, Akita now has a second ISO27001 data centre presence, geographically separated from our Kent data centre, for total peace of mind when you trust your data with us.

      For more details on our hosted services:

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